Cashless payments

Complete list of manufacturers and suppliers of Cashless payments for beaches, campings, hotels and accommodation and tourist activities.

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via Roma 54 – 21047 Saronno (VA) – Italy

With SmartTouch Menu® customers order with their smartphone from the beach, table and room. Today also for takeaway and home. It is the ultimate solution to receive orders that your customers send with the app and to promote your business.

Via Antonio e Leonida Valentini 11, 47922 Rimini (RN) Italy

YourBeach is a cloud platform to manage the bathing establishments with all the beach services, online reservations, restaurant and take-away to give customers the possibility to order at the bar comfortably from the beach umbrella, all in a single software.

Via Giuntini 63, 56023 Cascina (PI) Italy

Summer Booking is the complete and innovative solution that allows you to manage bathing establishments. Summer Booking allows you to manage beach reservations, online reservations, all additional services and allows customers to order from the bar comfortably from the umbrella. Management, website and app in a single solution.

Donauweg 4 1043 AJ AD Amsterdam

Dutchband is the leading company in Europe in the supply of systems for cashless payments, for access control and in the production of personalized disposable wristbands, also with RFID chips and various types of encodings. The company also offers a unique solution for managing flows on the beach: online booking and registration, sms alert, automated data collection, integration of the service module with the umbrella.

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