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With SmartTouch Menu® customers order with their smartphone from the beach, table and room. Today also for takeaway and home. It is the ultimate solution to receive orders that your customers send with the app and to promote your business.

SmartTouch Menu® is the ultimate solution to receive orders that your customers send with the app and to promote your business: in fact, customers can order with their smartphone from the beach, table and room and now also from home for take-away, with the new functions of Take-Away and Delivery.

As a manager, SmartTouch Menu® offers you a simple and powerful tool to optimize your work, to make your menu known and to promote your business.

SmartTouch Menu® is designed for the operators of, tourism and entertainment businesses. Users use the app for smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS) to consult the menu in their own language and to order in a simple and fun way. Up to 14 languages are supported.

The app works in a simple and intuitive way: it installs and customers can immediately order by framing the unique QR code on the table, under the umbrella or in the room if they are on site, or by simply pressing the “Take away” or “Home” button if they are not on site.

The QR codes are used to identify the starting point of the order, the table, the umbrella or the room, and then the place where to bring the products. The QR codes are unique in order to have precise and error-free orders. They can be generated by the operators independently from the control panel without limitations.


The advantages for the owner

  1. Optimize your work. Take better time to serve your customers at the table, because they can order independently from the menu. You can also add just a few products, or use only a few tables/umbrellas/rooms for the service. For take-away and home delivery, you save money and resources in receiving phone calls and reduce both the probability that your customers will find the line busy and the errors in taking orders.
  2. Sales increasement. Facilitate the second consumption when your customers are on the premises and in general increase the average expenditure (average receipt) of drinks. When your customers are far away you can be found on the Internet through the mini site, you receive orders for take-away and delivery, you facilitate the sharing of your digital menu and your promotions on social networks and chats.
  3. Smart image. Give a smart image of your business, save on printing menus by editing them as many times as you want, enrich your offer with images and detailed information of the dishes about nutritional values and allergens, promote your specialties by telling their origin and their preparation.
  4. Takeaway and home delivery. Offer the possibility to order also from home or office and as manager you will not pay additional commissions but you will have a clear and convenient price with a single and simple management tool.
  5. Loyalty. Keep your customers informed about new menu items and events with push messages, offer them your loyalty card and create effective promotions.


Sectors of utilization

SmartTouch Menu® is suitable for public establishments in the catering, tourism and entertainment sectors: pubs, restaurants, pizzerias, discos, discos, beach resorts, hotels, cinemas, swimming pools, holiday resorts, campsites, festivals… SmartTouch Menu® is particularly effective when the time to be served is crucial (for example, at business lunches).


Customer benefits

  1. Free of charge. The app is free, fast to install and easy to use.
  2. News and menu. Ordering is fast and fun: it’s a new experience and a novelty, you can consult the menu enriched with images and detailed information on nutritional values and allergens both in the room and at home.
  3. Order. You can order at the table, from the beach and from the room when you are near, but with the same app you can also order from home and office. You will be warned with a push message when it is time to pick up and you can then skip the queue.
  4. 14 languages. The menu is displayed in your language.
  5. Loyalty card. You always have your loyalty card with you, you will be kept up to date with the promotions that the merchant offers and the new features of the menu.
  6. Social and chat. You can easily share your dishes, exercise and promotions with all the social and chat applications installed on your smartphone and tablet.


How it Works

The customer downloads the app and through the QR code is located on the table (under the umbrella or in the room) of your room. On the smartphone appears the digital menu of the room where you are, translated into your language. You order food and drinks by choosing from the menu and the command is sorted to a thermal printer or displayed on a tablet. The command can be moderated by the waiter, if required by the configuration of the functionality.


Special beaches and beach clubs: use SmartTouch Menu® now to try it and configure it, but you only pay for the 6 summer months!

SmartTouch Menu® Gold Seasonal at €360,00


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