Sun-umbrella safety box

Complete list of manufacturers and suppliers of Sun-umbrella safety box for beaches, campings, hotels and accommodation and tourist activities.

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Strada Fornace, 10 15016 CASSINE AL – Italy

Marisol produces accessories, equipment and furnishing accessories for beach clubs: key rings, numberers for umbrellas, numberers for cabins, for swimming pools and camping, safety safes for beach umbrellas, storage boxes, mirrors, wheelchairs and beach walkers for the disabled.

Via G. Pascoli 18 – 23878 Verderio (Lecco) Italy

Safesolution is a young startup manufacturer of the Safebeach umbrella safe and the Solarella and Powerbook systems to offer smartphone charging for existing umbrellas using solar energy.


V.le Focherini 18A, 41012 Carpi (MO) Italy

Parsec Solutions is distributor of Boxaki, a safety box for gazebos and beach umbrellas. Digital key is produced in form of a light thermoplastic transparent bracelet. BOXaki unlocks by simply scanning the bracelet once over the lock without taking it off the wrist.

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