Disabled facilities

Complete list of manufacturers and suppliers of Disabled facilities for beaches, campings, hotels and accommodation and tourist activities.

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Zona Ind. Loc. Filiciusa snc, 87060 Mandatoriccio (CS) Italy

Tuareg, a company present on the market for over twenty years, is specialized in the production of high quality beach cleaning machines and professional equipment for the cleaning of beaches. The company is also the exclusive distributor of some innovative products for the beaches, specific for the overcoming of architectural barriers, such as the special floating chair for disabled people and the special walkway-rolling carpet, products already widely tested and used in the USA. Tuareg, recently, has also started the production of ethnic umbrellas.

Via dei Pescatori 56 – 55049 Viareggio (LU) Italy

Discover the MADEIT4A product line for uncompromised accessibility. Our pool lift, elevated platforms, accessible bathroom modules, and modular ramps are made in Italy with excellent materials such as Stainless Steel 316 and Anodized Aluminum, ensuring long-lasting resistance against corrosion and salt mist. With MADETI4A, make every environment more accessible and inclusive.

Strada Fornace, 10 15016 CASSINE AL – Italy

Marisol produces accessories, equipment and furnishing accessories for beach clubs: key rings, numberers for umbrellas, numberers for cabins, for swimming pools and camping, safety safes for beach umbrellas, storage boxes, mirrors, wheelchairs and beach walkers for the disabled.

Via al Lago 3 – 21020 Ranco (VA) – Italy

New was born in 2005 as the official Italian distributor of a wide range of products for beaches: walkways, wheelchairs, wireless medical alert systems, fire extinguisher/lifebuoy cabinet holder, salvagant holders and floating docks.

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