Complete list of manufacturers and suppliers of Luxury for beaches, campings, hotels and accommodation and tourist activities.

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Via Achille Grandi 41, Chieti Scalo (CH) – Italy

Since 2008 Pomodone interprets the relax at 360° in terms of design, fun, innovation and health. The company deals with the production of poufs and furnishing accessories for hotels, tourism, accommodation and residential facilities. Indoor or outdoor, on summer and winter, the Pomodone product lines are suitable for all environments and all seasons but especially for your relaxation and fun. Handcrafted, colorful and made with non-toxic and UV-resistant materials, the Pomodone poufs are manufactured and guaranteed made in Italy.

Via Argine San Marco 2 – JESOLO VE – Italy

ARCHIBEACH® is a brand oriented to excite those who love to live the beach and “plein air” places by designing design-oriented products that allow to furnish with original and innovative proposals: gazebos, daybeds, beach loungers and umbrellas.

Via Sant’Andrea delle Fratte 24 – 00187 ROMA Italy

Yacht Extension is a company that represents the excellence of made in Italy in the production of exclusive luxury inflatable islands applicable to a wide range of scenarios, from medium and large yachts to hotels, resorts and beach clubs.

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