Beach cabins

Complete list of manufacturers and suppliers of Beach cabins for beaches, campings, hotels and accommodation and tourist activities.

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Via Tomasetto 29, Besnate (VA) – Italy

Karem, synonymous with quality and innovation, for over 50 years has specialized in the production of profiles and in the design of prefabricated modular PVC prefabs, including cabins for beach resorts.


Viale Paesi Bassi, Zona Industriale, 72019 San Vito dei Normanni (BR) – Italy

VPF produces mobile homes, caravan houses on approved wheels, commercial prefabs (bars, offices, receptions, newsstands, etc.), bathrooms and showers. In addition, any standard floor plan can be applied to every VPF line, depending on space and budget requirements. Furthermore, VPF carry out “tailor-made” projects, custom-made mobile homes, even on wheels, designed by us or directly built on the project provided by the customers themselves.

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