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Summer Booking is the complete and innovative solution that allows you to manage bathing establishments. Summer Booking allows you to manage beach reservations, online reservations, all additional services and allows customers to order from the bar comfortably from the umbrella. Management, website and app in a single solution.

A complete and innovative platform to manage your bathhouse:

  • The management (for the manager who will thus have dozens of advanced features to manage and administer his own bathing establishment)
  • The app and the website (to allow customers to book online)


The advantages of Summer Booking management

  • Custom map
  • Customer master data
  • Advanced price list
  • Advanced statistics (summary, revenues, attendance and much more with related graphs)
  • Advanced planner (you will have a global vision, you will be able to create discontinuous reservations or / and on multiple umbrellas)
  • Smart search (you can search for a reservation directly by name)
  • Warehouse (you will be able to view the number of items available)
  • Newsletter (you can send greetings, news, events to all your customers with a click)
  • Daily overview (the lifeguards will automatically receive the daily report every day)
  • Notices for expiring and unpaid reservations
  • Quote
  • Guided search (it will allow you to search for free umbrellas in an apparently full period by dividing the booking over several umbrellas)

The advantages of Summer Booking platform

  • Lower commitment of human resources with consequent savings on personnel costs
  • Global management solution (the platform will allow you to manage all the services related to your bathing establishment)
  • The customer can book wherever he is
  • Always updated system to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings
  • Continuous advertising and greater visibility on the web in Italy and abroad
  • Automated booking management
  • Integrated booking
  • Web pages, dedicated apps, links to social networks and much more
  • Reservations also on your website
  • Advance payments (you will avoid the flat rate risk but you will still be able to give the customer the possibility to pay in cash)
  • Issuance of fiscal and non-fiscal documents
  • Services (your customers will be able to book and pay in a few clicks the additional services offered by the establishment such as the rental of canoes, pedal boats, playgrounds, safety deposit boxes, etc. They will also be able to access the menu and place an order online at the bar)
  • Social distancing (the system will help you reduce the queues at the facility; you will also have the access list available)
  • Push notifications (the manager will be notified in the event of a new booking or when a service is booked. The lifeguard will be notified of a new booking only if it refers to the current day)
  • Discounts, vouchers & conventions (you will have the ability to create discounts and vouchers for your customers, you will also be able to manage agreements)
  • Multi device and multi-user (you will be able to access the management system from any device you want and wherever you want, and you can also give different levels of privilege depending on the role covered within your bathing establishment)
  • Multilingual
  • Customization according to the needs of the manager
  • Dedicated assistance h24

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