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Beach equipment

Beach beds, parasols, etc.

Cleaning machines and products

Beach cleaners, pressure washers, etc.

Playgrounds, sports and pools

Inflatables, slides, swings, etc.

Technology and software

Management software, apps, booking, etc.

Bar and restaurant equipment

Kitchens, fridges, coffee machines, etc.

Food & beverage

Snacks, ice cream, drinks, etc.

Accessories, gadgets, signage

Key rings, numerators, signs, etc.

Consultancy and services

Professional studies, certifications, etc.

Architecture and structures

Gazebos, fences, floors, etc.

Furniture and design

Tables, chairs, plants etc.

Rescue and accessibility

Defibrillators, special chairs etc.

Nautica e piccole imbarcazioni

Small boats, pedalos, etc.