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Discover the MADEIT4A product line for uncompromised accessibility. Our pool lift, elevated platforms, accessible bathroom modules, and modular ramps are made in Italy with excellent materials such as Stainless Steel 316 and Anodized Aluminum, ensuring long-lasting resistance against corrosion and salt mist. With MADETI4A, make every environment more accessible and inclusive.

Sollevatore per disabili


Discover CRANE4A: the lift for individuals with disabilities that combines safety, durability, simplicity, and comfort. Crafted in Italy with high-quality stainless steel 316, this certified solution provides secure and reliable lifting for effortless access to pools and confined spaces. With CRANE4A, we offer a product that reflects our dedication to quality and the well-being of individuals.



Discover BATH4A, the accessible bathroom module for people with disabilities. The basic version offers a functional, windowed environment with WC, handrails, basin with extended lever faucet, adjustable mirror, and panic-proof door. The Multifunctional BATH4A module adds a shower area with a seat, handrails, and a fold-down bed to facilitate changing clothes. It comes with a storage compartment for the CRANE4A lift and cleaning accessories. With BATH4A, we ensure a safe and accessible environment for all needs.

rampa per disabili


Discover RAMP4A: the adaptable ramp for every situation. In Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum, pre-configured or customized, there is no obstacle we cannot help individuals with mobility challenges overcome. RAMP4A is MADEIT4A srl’s solution for navigating levels with tailor-made ramps. Beyond ramps, MADEIT4A offers design and installation of guardrails and handrails to adapt existing ramps. Each project is a custom fit, ensuring universal mobility with utmost safety.

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