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Outdoor and indoor furnishings, beach umbrellas, kiosks, ethnic and exotic style gazebo for the beach. Covers in straw, wood and cane.

Ombrelloni canna africana

Cape reed beach umbrellas

Coverings of various sizes and shapes, made with African cane tiles, a natural and ecological product from southern Africa. Ideal material in windy areas, requires little maintenance. Different solutions, sizes and colours are available at the customer’s choice. Possibility of internal sheathing to give the roofing greater water resistance.

Coperture esotiche

Exotic Hawaiian style coverings

Round and square coverings available in various sizes, ideal for beach umbrellas where you want to give a touch of “Hawaiian” style.

Ombrelloni quadrati

Square bamboo beach umbrellas

Square beach umbrellas (200 cm) with metal frame and bamboo sticks tied with synthetic thread. Ideal to give a fresh and exotic touch to the space to be furnished.

Makuti naturale


Coverings in natural or synthetic palm leaf, available both in rolls and tiles, ideal for the creation of beach umbrellas and gazebos.

Ombrellone Java

Java and synthetic palm

Coverings in synthetic material, with the natural appearance of the leaves.

Chioschi spiaggia

Chioschi spiaggia

Kiosks and chiringuitos

Structures for bars or reception with an ethnic style, made with different materials and products. They can be customised according to the customer’s needs, from the roof to the interior cladding, to evening closures.

Composizioni esotiche spiaggia

Ethnic compositions

Compositions of various types, completely customizable and made with the use of different types of products: from tables to showers, from turrets to gazebos.

Arredamento esotico spiaggia

Arredamento esotico spiaggia

Staccionata esotica

Ethnic furniture

Lounges, tables, chairs, stools, fences, chandeliers, street lamps and various other furnishing accessories made with the most varied natural materials, from all over the world, to embellish interiors and exteriors.

Suite bamboo

Bamboo Suite

A corner made of bamboo where time can pass pleasantly. The structure is delivered complete with benches and table.

Gazebo bamboo

Bamboo gazebo

Easy-to-assemble bamboo gazebo with curtains. Ideal for creating a corner of shade on the beach, in the pool or in the garden. Inside you can adapt different solutions, from the living room to the sun beds.

Gazebo spiaggia


Beach gazebos in various sizes, made of aluminium, wood, bamboo or other materials. Finished with tents in waterproof and washable material.

Costruzioni etniche

Ethnic constructions

Constructions made with the use of ethnic materials, from design to construction.

Kiosk with mezzanine

Modular kiosk/chiringuito with customised exterior cladding and different types of evening closures. Possibility of mezzanine or ethnic material coverings.

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