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Karem, synonymous with quality and innovation, for over 50 years has specialized in the production of profiles and in the design of prefabricated modular PVC prefabs, including cabins for beach resorts.

The Karem line of bathing facilities offers a wide range of customizations regarding design, dimensions, colors, as well as a guarantee of safety for each customer thanks to a panel with excellent technical characteristics able to resist and give reliability over time.

Beach Cabins

Karem cabins are made entirely, including the roof, with 3.5 cm thick PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin) profiles.

Insulated, shockproof, fireproof and with strongly stabilized colors, they are able to handle in the best way any situation, from impacts to any weather, and they do not rust because they have no metal parts.

They are fully customizable both in size and color, having a wide range of colors available.

The assembly and disassembly is reduced to a minimum thanks to a system studied and patented by Karem of interlocking corners that will allow you to stack your cabins in a very short time. In addition, another great strength is the ease of washing, since PVC is an extremely glossy material and therefore difficult to affect.

Single cab model with two-sloping roof.

Single cab model with one sloping roof.

Single cabin model with two slopes with terrace.

Double cabin model with two sloping roofs.

Model double cabin with two sloping roofs and terrace.


The line of Karem kiosks, also customizable in sizes and colors, comes with aluminum or stainless steel beams depending on the size to be created for the support of the roof.

The pvc roofing of the kiosks with two-pitch roof can be replaced at the customer’s discretion by the use of insulated, 4 cm thick (8 cm Greek style) Greek 5 aluminium sandwich panels.

Lastly, the structure is completed by pneumatic gas jacks to simplify the opening of the windows to protrude.

Four-slope kiosk.


Creation of structures for complex and customized bathing establishments and beach resorts

Karem offers the client the complete package to realize customized structures, from the design studio with meetings and surveys to the project and finally to the realization.

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