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Safesolution is a young startup manufacturer of the Safebeach umbrella safe and the Solarella and Powerbook systems to offer smartphone charging for existing umbrellas using solar energy.


Cuddle your customer with a comfortable, ecological, exclusive service… directly at the beach umbrella!

Solarella is a kit that is installed directly on existing beach umbrellas. It has a convenient USB port that can be attached directly to the stem of the umbrella, so that it is accessible to the user with the classic USB charging cable (not supplied).

The panels positioned at the top of the beach umbrella have a unique feature, namely a spring-loaded windproof system that keeps the panel perfectly adherent to the beach umbrella sheet when open, while when closed, the panels reposition automatically. This ensures that, in the event of strong gusts of wind, the panels do not suffer “flapping” effects, favouring their breakage.

Thanks to the Solarella kit it is possible to recharge common personal devices in total safety, as the voltage is stabilized by a 5V regulator. The kit is sold separately from the beach umbrella (installation by the owner) or, on request, the entire beach umbrella can be supplied already wired complete with sub-handle (85 mm pvc with reducer or 40 mm in aluminium).

The device uses clean energy without storage batteries to provide charging service.




PowerBook is a portable charging system that can be applied anywhere (beach towel, deckchair, sunbed, etc.) that allows the charging of personal devices thanks to the presence of an outgoing USB port (charging cable not supplied). The user can, thanks to his personal cable, connect his smartphone and autonomously recharge the device. The device uses clean energy without storage batteries to provide charging service. PowerBook can be supplied in 2, 3 or 4 foldable panels configuration.




Safebeach® is the patented beach umbrella safe with contactless electronic lock that allows you to store your personal belongings safely.

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The device applies to common beach umbrellas and is equipped with two upward opening compartments that allow the housing of a customisable headband and an internal USB port to charge the devices.

Moreover, thanks to the radio control, the manager will be able to monitor all the devices allocated on the beach directly from the lido bar through the management webapp.

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