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Marisol produces accessories, equipment and furnishing accessories for beach clubs: key rings, numberers for umbrellas, numberers for cabins, for swimming pools and camping, safety safes for beach umbrellas, storage boxes, mirrors, wheelchairs and beach walkers for the disabled.

Sun-shaped keychain Minisun

Marisol’s Minisun sun-shaped key rings are made of sturdy plastic and available in 4 colours: red, yellow, blue and green. The exclusive numbering system solves the problem of losing key rings and the consequent replacement with spare ones. By purchasing a series of numbered key rings and a minimum quantity of neutral key rings, you will be given the second spare numbering, which if necessary can be applied in a few seconds on the neutral key rings to replace the lost ones.

numeratori ombrellone

Clamp Umbrella Numerators

Clamp is the quick installation and coloured parasol numerator, made of highly elastic and treated anti-UV plastic material. Marisol’s Clamp beach umbrella numerators are available in three different colours: white, blue and yellow. Suitable for umbrellas with wooden or aluminium pole, with diameters of 38, 39 or 40mm.

pannelli appendichiavi

Hanging panels

Marisol offers different types of hanger panels, available in different shapes, colours and sizes, and made of plastic material for outdoor use. Perfect for gyms, beach clubs, swimming pools and solarium centres, they give a touch of colour and cheerfulness to environments. Key Sun are the sun-shaped hanger panels, Big Dolphin the dolphin-shaped ones.

numeratori cabine

Numerators for SunDoor cabins

Marisol’s Sun Door numberers for sun-shaped cabins are perfect for beach clubs and swimming pools. Made of sturdy outdoor plastic with special UV treatment, these door numberers are available in yellow, blue and red.

Multi Box wall-mounted chest of drawers

Multi Box is the wall-mounted chest of drawers made of sturdy plastic, suitable for outdoor use, available in two versions (sixteen and twenty boxes) and six different colour combinations. The Marisol Multi Box chest of drawers is equipped with a special alpha-numeric combination lock, which allows the customer to open and close by setting a simple combination and without having to carry any keys. If necessary, the safe deposit boxes can be opened by the operator using a special key.

Safe deposit boxes for beach umbrella Beach Box

Beach Box is the safety deposit box for the beach umbrella, a convenient accessory for beach clubs that is attached to the beach umbrella pole. Made of sturdy plastic for outdoor use, Marisol’s Beach Box beach umbrella safety box is equipped with a special alphanumeric combination lock that allows the customer to open and close by setting a simple combination, without the use of any key. If necessary, the Beach Box safes can be opened by the operator using a special key.

Derby beach umbrella table

Derby is the practical beach umbrella table made by Marisol. The small rectangular table offers a valid support surface while containing the overall dimensions, and is particularly suitable for use in swimming pools and beaches. Made of sturdy plastic suitable for outdoor use, and combined with the Beach Box, it is the ideal solution for all bathing establishments. Derby beach umbrella tables are available in three different colours: yellow, white or blue.

Sunny cabin mirrors

Sunny sun-shaped cabin mirrors are perfect furnishing solutions for swimming pools. Made of sturdy plastic material, they are available in blue and yellow. The special anti-UV treatment allows it to be applied not only inside the cabins of swimming pools or beach clubs, but also outside in a position exposed to the sun’s rays.

Happy Sun wall mirror

Brighten up your beach club with, Happy Sun, the nice mirror in the shape of the sun made by Marisol. Ideal for application both inside and outside of beaches, swimming pools, gyms and solarium centres. Made of plastic material for outdoor use with anti UV treatment, the Happy Sun wall mirror is available in blue and yellow.

Kompasso tripod and blackboard

Marisol presents Kompasso, a practical double-sided aluminium communication tripod with snap-on profiles. Ideal for placing posters, menus and communications in general, it is also suitable for outdoor use thanks to the exclusive transparent film that protects it from UV rays. The Kompasso Duo version is equipped with a blackboard that can be written on with a special marker pen.

sedia job

Job chair for disabled people

The Job chair is a practical wheelchair for accompanying disabled and elderly people to the beach. Equipped with floating wheels designed to facilitate transport even on sandy ground, the Job chair is the only sea wheelchair that allows you to enter the water while comfortably seated. An ideal solution to make swimming pools and beach clubs accessible to the disabled.

Job Walker

The Job Walker allows people with disabilities, elderly people or people with reduced mobility to regain their independence on the beach. If necessary, the Job Walker can also be transformed into a comfortable chair for disabled and elderly people.

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