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Since 2008 Pomodone interprets the relax at 360° in terms of design, fun, innovation and health. The company deals with the production of poufs and furnishing accessories for hotels, tourism, accommodation and residential facilities. Indoor or outdoor, on summer and winter, the Pomodone product lines are suitable for all environments and all seasons but especially for your relaxation and fun. Handcrafted, colorful and made with non-toxic and UV-resistant materials, the Pomodone poufs are manufactured and guaranteed made in Italy.


Unlike other aquatic items, the comfortable donut for swimming pools Pomodone does not pierce because it has no inner tube. It has a handle along the outside diameter that allows you to carry it easily. A nautical net applied in the lower part allows the water to enter and exit the complement guaranteeing perfect buoyancy. The interior, padded with polystyrene, ensures that the product adapts to your body guaranteeing maximum comfort.


It is the perfect seat for small spaces. Its captivating line comes from the continuous research of Pomodone products. To be used at the sea, in the mountains, in the pool or in the garden, Conchiglia is ideal for your relaxation. Soft and versatile is the complement that will help your guests to rest and regenerate during their stay in the indoor or outdoor areas of your accommodation. Low seat, practical, comfortable and at the same time light.

Cube and Cylinder

The main features of these items are versatility and practicality of use, thanks to their size and weight. The high density foam rubber make it a definitive product, since there will be no change of shape over time. The cylinder has the first 20 cm of foam rubber with a layer of memory foam that adds further comfort to the seat. It is made of both nautical eco-leather and 100% acrylic fabric. The side handle allows for easy transport.

Padded Cushions

Are you tired of the rigid and uncomfortable beach lounger? The Pomodone pillow is the softest detail that will make you remember your customers, as an elegant and distinct structure, thanks to the possibility to personalize the accessory with the logo of your company. Made in different sizes, it represents the ideal optional for indoor and outdoor rest. It is applied to the beach lounger as a towel, that is in the back of the backrest.

pouf ferro di cavallo


The particular horseshoe shape allows you to float and relax, perhaps reading a newspaper or simply conversing with others, sitting comfortably in the water. It has a handle on the backrest to carry the product more easily. It has two stainless steel rings for anchoring and storage. A nautical net applied at the bottom allows the water to enter and exit the complement ensuring perfect buoyancy.



Unique in its kind, Pomodone floating bean bags is ideal for extreme relaxation. Reliability, stability and elegance make it the protagonist of seas, lakes and swimming pools. It has two handles to carry it easily and four comfortable stainless steel rings for anchoring and storage. A nautical net applied at the bottom allows the water to enter and exit the complement ensuring perfect buoyancy. A central seam allows the article to remain stable in the water.



The ideal mattress to make your aluminum, plastic or wood sun lounger comfortable, unique and elegant. It can be made both with nautical eco-leather fabric and 100% paste-dyed acrylic. Thanks to its simple line and the internal padding of high density foam rubber, Jambo is defined as unique. Fixed on the bed with small strips of fabric joined by Velcro, the Jambo mattress becomes an essential furnishing accessory for its elegant line and extreme comfort.


Sun lounger

The ideal mattress to make your aluminum, plastic or wood bed unique and elegant. Made of nautical eco-leather or acrylic 100% paste dyed. Thanks to its line and the internal padding of high density foam rubber, the Pomodone mattress is defined as unique. It is fixed on the bed with small strips of fabric joined by Velcro. The backrest and seat are joined together by a more resistant piece of fabric, so that the product fits perfectly to the sun lounger.

materasso bancale

Pallet Mattress

Taking advantage of the standard size of the pallet (80 x 120 cm), Pomodone has managed to create a simple yet elegant product that manages to design new areas of furniture. It can be realized both in nautical eco-leather and in 100% acrylic fabric paste dyed, in both solutions is guaranteed total waterproofness and UV resistance. The interior is padded with high density foam rubber to allow a simple pallet to ensure extreme comfort.


Milk is by definition the hybrid between the relaxation furniture produced by Pomodone. A strong term, but it perfectly represents the development concept developed for this modern furniture. This complement is the intersection generated by the union of the solidity of a pouf with the comfort of a chaise loungue. The evolution of comfort is what leads Pomodone to continuously experiment new solutions for structures that love to offer their guests the opportunity to rest in comfort and well-being.


Its attractive shape makes it the designer pouf bed for luxury facilities that want to take care of their guests with a well-being never seen before. Whether it’s a spa, garden or beach, comfort is never an option! In the line of Pomodone mattresses, the Pirata model is the most versatile as the backrest can assume two positions: reclined or lying down. In addition, there is a headrest cushion, tied to the article with two buttons that will make even the lying position comfortable.

poltrona e tavolo pouf

Bean bag and table

Designed to bring in your facilities the comfort of a pouf and the comfort of a coffee table. Produced in many colors, is the perfect furnishing set for relaxation areas. Your guests can relax and sip their cocktails comfortably wrapped in wellness and comfort. Perfect for the garden, ideal for the poolside, fantastic for dehors and patios: a thousand ways to say relax, everywhere.



The Pomodone pouf is made to be used in any environment and on any surface. You can position it in three different ways and choose your position between “relax”, “chair” or “deckchair”. Pomodone makes the evolution of design and progress in rest available to your facilities in such a way that you can fulfill the desires of tourists who are guests of your facilities, giving them the opportunity to recover their energy and live enveloping moments of comfort.

teli imbottiti

Padded fabrics for directors chairs and deck chairs

Pomodone’s padded covers were created for hoteliers and beach owners who choose to evolve their beach facilities making them comfortable and welcoming for their guests. The Pomodone spare parts for the director chairs are personalizable and are not afraid of comparison neither in terms of resistance nor in terms of comfort. Padded with high density foam rubber 2 cm thick and made with fabrics that ensure excellent color fastness to sunlight and UV resistance.


Folding Mat

It is designed to bring comfort with you at all times. Despite the challenge was complicated, Pomodone has completed its mission in favor of relaxation, everywhere. Pomodone Carriers are perfect for lying down and sunbathing even on rocks. The soft padding allows you to lay the complement on any surface, even the most angular, leaving your guests able to enjoy their vacations in complete comfort even in inaccessible environments.

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