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ARCHIBEACH® is a brand oriented to excite those who love to live the beach and “plein air” places by designing design-oriented products that allow to furnish with original and innovative proposals: gazebos, daybeds, beach loungers and umbrellas.

suite spiaggia

Cabalda, the suite on the beach

A structure with a minimalist design that has little impact and is open, with a sun deck, sunroof, living and dining area where you can stay in the shade in an environment furnished with specially designed outdoor furniture. It includes some small low-voltage appliances integrated in the furnishings: mini-bar, coffee pod coffee maker, usb sockets for recharging smartphones, new integrated audio music bubble system audible only inside, ceiling fan; all powered by a special photovoltaic panel. Cabalda is equipped with Oryzawod® decking floor, a wood-like material of vegetable origin, from renewable sources, which has been awarded the “Green Product Award” mark.

Beyond, the gazebo

Beyond represents a new paradigm of beach design: the gazebo on the beach. A structure with a universal character that offers the possibility to personalise and characterise spaces on the sand with elegance, originality, refinement and quality. The gazebo is the hallmark of the new Beyond collection by Archibeach, able to reinvent the tradition of beach furnishing with a unique and inimitable style, designed for “sun lover” from all over the world.

Dimensions: mt 3×3 – 3×4 – 4×4 tubular aluminium alloy structure covered in Bejlan, in various colours, hand woven.

Shine, a room on the beach

Elegance, originality, concreteness and quality. To reinvent and innovate the tradition of beach furnishing, this time conceived as a living space or more simply, to enjoy a few hours of relaxation, no matter whether on the beach, in the middle of greenery or by the poolside. Gazebos enriched by a strong and unique design, but at the same time light. As befits outdoor furniture.
Dimensions: mt 3×3 – 3×4 – 4×4 – possibility of joining several gazebos to create a unique structure. Structure in painted aluminium alloy. With fixed or pergola roof. Each version can be customised with the addition of accessories such as tents, panels, WPC slatted platform.

Daybed Shine

Sun bed with canopy that can be personalised with different types of covers, curtains and cushions. The use of wicker panels reminiscent of traditional natural fibre weaves gives the modern and sturdy painted aluminium structure a fresh look but at the same time allows you to enjoy moments in the open air with a touch of intimacy.
Dimensions: 200x220x200 cm
Structure in painted aluminium alloy. With fixed shade or pergola.
Each version can be customised with the addition of accessories such as curtains and panels.

Daybed classic


Beach beds

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furnishing accessories, lamps and torches

Outdoor lounge

Chairs, armchairs, bar tables and snack tables

Outdoor furniture in woven polyethylene, exotic wood, painted aluminium and printed polyethylene with the possibility of LED lighting.
Deck flooring in WPC, carbon wood and exotic woods.
Led lighting and outdoor lighting projects.
Wellness areas with whirlpool baths.

African reed beach umbrellas and gazebos

A natural, ecological, fresh, long-lasting product, processed from Shangaan and imported directly from southern Africa. An ideal material for umbrellas and gazebos to be installed on the beach, in tourist villages, bars, restaurants or next to swimming pools and golf courses, thanks to its resistance to strong winds and maintenance-free operation.
Beach umbrellas: d.200 – d.230 – d.280 – d.330 – d.380 – d.500
Gazebos: 230×380 – 280×400 – 330×500 – 380×600 – 500×700 – d.330 – d.380 – d.500

Four by Four beach umbrella

Beach umbrella with an essential and clean line, characterized by the alternation of wide and narrow segments that creates a refined effect reminiscent of a flower.
Dimensions: 200×200
Characteristics: 40mm aluminium pole, 8 splints, technopolymer necklace with finger guard

Ombrellone ORIONE

Orione beach umbrella

The most popular classic beach umbrella in all Italian beaches. The quality-price ratio and the great functionality make this umbrella an excellent solution for any beach but also for furnishing swimming pools and gardens of hotels and many other environments.
Dimensions: d.180 – d.200 – d.220 – d.240
Characteristics: 40mm aluminium pole, 10 splints, technopolymer collar with finger-safe button.

Ombrellone VEGA

Vega beach umbrella

The curvature of the end of the battens, a characteristic that distinguishes the VEGA model, gives the umbrella a soft line that makes it particularly suitable for refined beaches and swimming pools.
Dimensions: d.220
Characteristics: 40mm aluminium pole, 10 splints, technopolymer necklace with finger-safe button.

Ombrellone FENICE

Fenice beach umbrella

Classic pagoda beach umbrella with an oriental line and antique flavour particularly suitable to furnish swimming pools and refined environments.
Dimensions: d.220 – d.240
Characteristics: 40mm aluminium pole, 10 splints, technopolymer necklace with finger guard.

Lettini in alluminio

Aluminium beach loungers

Archibeach offers a wide range of beach beds in various types and sizes. Thanks to a wide choice of colours you can personalise your sunbed to give it a refined look suitable for elegant environments such as swimming pools or hotel gardens or coloured for young people and beaches.
Frame in anodized aluminium, textilene canvas. STANDARD, MAXI, VIP version.
Backrest adjustable to 2,3,5 positions.
Possibility of frame in different colours, wheels, customised canvas, cushions.

Deckchairs and director chairs

the classic alternatives to the sunbed for furnishing beaches or as a complement to outdoor areas such as swimming pools, but also gardens and bars.
Frame in anodized aluminium, textilene canvas.
Available in various versions.

Oversize beach umbrellas

Thanks to their versatility and the wide range of sizes available, Archibeach’s giant umbrellas are easily adaptable to a wide variety of uses. The attention to every mechanical detail guarantees excellent reliability and ease of maintenance.
Wood/steel/aluminium structure.
Dimensions: 3×3 – 3×4 – 4×4 – d.350 – d.400

Multiple beach umbrellas

Defining Multiple as a simple beach umbrella can be very reductive. It is, in fact, a highly flexible and high quality modular system, the result of a project in which countless innovative technical solutions have been developed. Technical and functional characteristics that make Multiple a system at the forefront of the sector, a new way of conceiving the beach umbrella in its use, duration and function.
Wood/steel/aluminium structure.
Dimensions: 6×3 – 7×3.5 – 8×4 – 6×6 – 7×7 – 8×8

Architectural structures in wood or aluminium

Design for renovation of beach clubs and resorts, outdoor areas of hotels and holiday villages

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