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The hippie-style beach bar and its Avocado Toast recipe

Toasts are a must of summer catering in seaside resorts and beach clubs. Quick to prepare for the kitchens (even in moments of maximum crowding), light and nutritious for the summer diet of tourists (who must always keep their shape), fragrant and tasty to satisfy everyone’s taste (even the most boring ones…). So why not unleash your imagination by proposing a menu based on different toasts than usual? The inspiration comes from Big Sur, an innovative 70s hippy-style beach bar on the Costa Smeralda, which has made high quality catering one of its strengths.

In addition to offering excellent fish-based first courses such as linguine with clams and bottarga or tagliolini with squid ink with squid and cherry tomatoes, Big Sur has invented a menu of delicious snacks to surpass the classic toast with cooked ham and cheese. And it offers us one to share as a starting point for all the other beach restaurants who want to follow in his footsteps.

Avocado Toast recipe

Avocado Toast is one of Big Sur’s highlights. In this toast, traditional Italian and Californian cuisine are mixed, the exotic flavor of avocado with the intense one of salmon, to create an irresistible mix of freshness and substance that makes tourists’ palates ecstatic.

Avocado Toast

The recipe of the Avocato Toast involves the use of avocado sauce, also known as “guacamole”. To prepare it, you need to chop an onion and a chilli pepper (taking care to remove the seeds from the latter), peel a ripe avocado and cut it in half, depriving it of the stone, finally blend everything together with a squeezed lime, a pinch of coriander fresh, salt and pepper.

Once the sauce has been prepared, simply toast two nice slices of rye bread and stuff them with spread guacamole, smoked Norwegian salmon, a poached egg and a pinch of mixed salad. The result, as you can see from the photo, will be splendid for both the eyes and the palate.

Big Sur beach bar

Big Sur, which invented the Avocado Toast recipe, takes its name from a well-known novel by Jack Kerouac, one of the fathers of hippy literature of the 70s. In turn, Kerouac took the name of his work from a wild stretch of the Californian coast, very popular with flower children. And it is precisely that atmosphere of freedom and transgression that inspires the Costa Smeralda beach bar, furnished to drag its patrons into a real blast from the past.

In addition to its charming atmosphere, the Big Sur is also located in a splendid stretch of the Costa Smeralda, which offers crystal clear waters and paradisiacal beaches. In short, there are all the ingredients to spend a wonderful weekend of relaxation and carefree.

Big Sur is a project by Luca Guelfi, a long-time entrepreneur who has launched several restaurants and clubs between Sardinia and Milan, such as Canteen, Fruits De Mer, Saigon, Shimokita and Petit. The beach bar is particularly specialized in gourmet, from breakfast to aperitif, with a cuisine with an unmistakable style and distinctive furnishings.


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