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TGS srl

Management software for beaches and camping.

Beach and services project 4.0

TGS offers a complete solution for any type of bathing establishment, with the possibility of managing and controlling bars, restaurants and showers by eliminating tokens and coins. The software takes into account the respect of the distance and helps to avoid gatherings: with a multi web app you can order comfortably from the customers’ smartphone, directly from an umbrella, cabin, table or counter.

PlayaGest helps manage the beach, while PlayaBooking gives the possibility to book umbrellas online for a more streamlined management of accesses and to avoid queues at the tills and entrances.

Booking management

PlayaGest manages all the commonly bookable accessories such as umbrellas, cabins, parking lots and all the equipment that the user wants to manage (for equipment or accessories we typically mean sun loungers, deck chairs, pedal boats, beach courts, canoes , etc).

Touch screen interface

The touch screen interface allows for easy beach management. You can customize the shape and arrangement of the umbrellas, cabins and parking lots, as well as manage all the beach equipment (sunbeds, deck chairs, chairs) and sports equipment (kayaks, beach courts, football, tennis …)

Booking planning

The booking planning, which can be printed or exported in other electronic formats, immediately summarizes the credit situation of the customers, including the deposits paid.


In addition to managing all the documentation (receipts, invoices, uncollected payments and deferred invoicing), you can also build customer loyalty using cards or magnetic / biometric / RFID devices.

You can create preloaded fidelity cards (the classic prepaid card), manage campaigns to tell points or, for those who want, credit their customers. Advanced e-money management allows the software to adapt to your working method and not vice versa.


The software can be integrated with all the other TGS Retail modules to also manage the bar, the kiosk, the restaurant with or without PDAs and the market.

The Playagest module for Tgs Retail uses the latest graphic technologies for map customization and the management of dynamic objects. The msSQL database interface allows maximum flexibility and performance.

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