Tina La Ribaltina

Tina La Ribaltina

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Tina La Ribaltina

Portable coffee table for sun loungers

Tina La Ribaltina was born by the need of social distancing bound to the Covid emergency helping people to respect the social distancing, at the seaside under the beach umbrella, in the pools or relax places. A simple object in plastic material, easily sanitized which solves the problem of eating on the seaside.

Tina is a portable table, slight, transportable, can be fixed to the sun loungers with aluminum frame, and adaptable to all sunbathing beds in commerce.

Tina La Ribaltina is essential in this terrible pandemic, but useful also in the future, lasting over time and sustainable, because built with recyclable materials of long lasting efficiency. An all-Italian project, designed by MRZarchitetti and realized in Italy. Patent pending.

The idea

‘TINA La Ribaltina’ was born in a particular time in history for our civilization: the pandemic COVID-19 which has hit not only Italy but the whole world.

During the lockdown period in the most acute phase of the pandemic, Francesco Marzocca, Chiara Imperatori (MRZarchitetti) and Massimo Battisti had the idea of TINA developed a simple project of great utility with an agile and practical design.

The requirement was to help people respect social distancing, when they are under an beach umbrella or in the swimming pools or in relax ambient, now when the reopening of beaches and bathing establishments this event arose.

Back to the recent past the beaches during the summer time, in the 60s/70s were invaded by people who spent the whole day right on the sand, eating, playing and sunbathing.

The new pandemic COVID-19 has made social distancing necessary, in the bathing establishments the most varied solutions are adopted to keep the distances between umbrellas, sunbeds and allow everyone to have as “normal” summer as possible. The problem remains of the difficulty of being able to take full advantage of the services of bars and restaurants on the beach, because due to the distance it will no longer be possible to have a coffee at the counter rather than a plate of pasta in the restaurant or even play a game of cards at the table of the bar.

The population, as in the 60s and 70s, will find themselves eating and experiencing the sea or the swimming pool under an umbrella, but today without supports that allow it to be comfortable in order to carry out activities that are playful or refreshing. For all customers of establishments and swimming pools that do not use, or are no longer able to use the premises of bars and restaurants, the required choice is to consume food under an umbrella, without having the possibility of using support shelves, useful for food & beverage as tablet or PC now increasingly indispensable to the community.

As is known in bathing establishments, in public and private pools, the bathers’ stations consist of an umbrella and one or more beds. The umbrella is generally equipped with a small table, very small in size, useful only for placing small objects.

The idea of “TINA la ribaltina” was born, a simple project in plastic material, so easily sanitized, which solves the issues related to the consumption of food in correspondence of his own sun bed due to the lack of adequate support structures. TINA is a portable table, light, easily transportable and can be fixed to beds with aluminum frame. The simplicity of the use and fixing is the fundamental object key. With its particular attachment system, it can be adapted to all sun loungers on the market.

Tina La Ribaltina wants to become an object of common use, indispensable in this terrible pandemic but useful also in future, long-lasting because built in recyclable materials of long efficiency.

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