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3 rules to create a perfect cocktail list in your beach bar

For those who manage a beach bar or a beach club in general, having an updated and effective cocktail list is very important to guarantee the satisfaction of their customers. The cocktail list represents the identity card of each avant-garde venue in mixing. Here are three rules to follow (anticipated by a premise) to create a perfect cocktail list in your beach bar.

Premise: what kind of blending to follow

Before creating your own cocktail list, you need to be aware of the mixing trend you intend to follow. Currently there are two trends that are the most popular:

  • Liquid kitchen: in Italian “liquid kitchen”, it consists in bringing the cooking techniques into the glass. This means creating cocktails that are so elaborate that they are comparable to haute cuisine dishes.
  • Food pairing: it is one of the most innovative mixing trends in recent years, and consists in combining two or more elements according to their molecular and aromatic compound. This trend was born from the need to identify new combinations of flavors, by contrast or by similarity.

Once you are aware of the mixing style to follow in your beach bar, you will be able to build a perfect cocktail list. Provided you follow these three simple directions.

First rule: never give up the classics

It is normal to have the urge to put innovative cocktails on your list: it is a way like any other to be an original and avant-garde beach bar. But before doing this, we must never forget to dedicate a page to the more classic mixes. Mojito, Spritz, Margarita, Moscow Mule are classics precisely because they are the most popular, so you should never forget to offer them. Not doing it means leaving out a large chunk of drink lovers. This does not involve inserting all the classic cocktails existing in the world, but we must at least ascertain a decent selection.

Second rule: invent a “signature drink”

The “signature drink” is a unique and original mix, which expresses the nature and identity of the place that offers it. Usually, the “signature drink” is composed of some ingredients coming from the surrounding area, or that are part of the local culinary tradition. The “signature drink” should bear the name of the beach bar that invented it, and even better, have the predominant color in the place (for example, the same color as the logo, umbrellas or furniture). It is an indispensable component for the communication and marketing of your beach.

Third rule: use seasonal ingredients

Fruit has a seasonality that should also be respected in one’s cocktail list. This means that it is always good to dedicate a page to seasonal proposals, to be changed at least every four months: for example, to widen the choice of strawberry-based cocktails in May and June, or those containing melon in July and August. It will be a much appreciated choice by customers, because it will demonstrate the care and quality of the beach bar they frequent.

Post scriptum: don’t forget about allergens

In addition to the three rules that we have listed, there is a good rule to follow in each menu, which we would like to reiterate here too: you must always remember to indicate the allergens in your cocktail list. In addition to being a law to be respected, it is also a concern for customers with food intolerances.

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