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Wooden floors for outdoors

My Tuscan Wood is all the Tuscan passion in wood. The company boasts years of experience in the processing of this material, imported directly into Italy to offer its customers a customized tailor-made work.

The woods of My Tuscan Wood are of high quality and can stand outdoors for more than 20 years without maintenance. For this reason, My Tuscan Wood is chosen by those who want to furnish their space with charm and attention to design, without resorting to standardized products.

The wood used by My Tuscan Wood is imported following the European EUTR regulations, which guarantee traceability from the forest to the end user, to avoid clandestine deforestation.




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Wooden floors

The offer of My Tuscan Wood decking and outdoor tiles is complete and versatile, and includes permanent or removable decking floors. Planks and tiles are manufactured in Italy and can be customized with different types of processing, wood essences, width of planks, knurling and finishing, and can be easily assembled to create original combinations and effects.


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“Alice” roll-up beach walkway

Always using the highest quality woods, with a durability of 20-25 years without maintenance, My Tuscan Wood has created the Alice walkway.

  • Ready to be put on the beach easily.
  • 304 stainless steel hardware to resist atmospheric agents.
  • Blocks of 2.50 or 3 meters, according to law to be handled by two people.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly and easy storage: the gangway simply rolls up on itself, without taking up too much space.
  • Both sides have an anti-slip profile: this allows the Alice gangway to last twice its normal nature, being able to be used on both sides.
  • Possibility of renting.


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Wooden floors for beaches and swimming pools

A My Tuscan Wood beach floor is the ideal solution for a bar, a restaurant or a bathhouse on the beach. It is a resistant support, easily removable, stable and modular according to the needs for outdoor areas, terraces, walkways.

Being made with quality woods, the durability of My Tuscan Wood floors is 20-25 years without maintenance: they can easily stand under atmospheric agents and are resistant to marine organisms.

My Tuscan Wood makes custom-made products according to drawings.




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Bagno Grazia, Viareggio

Bagno Grazia Viareggio

Bagno Grazia, Viareggio

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