The foot washers for beaches that recycle water for irrigation

The great interest in the Niagara foot washers by Idear Sistemi continues, in particular for the Mono model, a product designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. This is thanks not only to the use of recyclable and recycled materials, but above all because the Niagara Mono foot washer reduces water consumption by about 50% compared to common shower heads and recycles it for other uses.

Through the sealed tank located under the ignition platform, Mono allows you to collect the washing water and then bring it to the drain through the predispositions on the two sides of the tank. This system thus makes it possible to prevent this water, which is basically “clean” as the sand settles on the bottom of the tank, from being dispersed. On the contrary, the Mondo foot washer directs the water towards recycling tanks or for the irrigation of flowerbeds and gardens.

This feature favors the installation of the system even in areas where there are no wells or water drain grids, and means that the system can be included in eco-sustainability projects for the entire bathing establishment.

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