Security Beach, the umbrella safe that revolutionized the beach

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Security Beach umbrella safes continue to arouse great appreciation and interest among operators in the seaside sector and end users. Created in 2009 with the dream of revolutionizing beaches, Security Beach is a product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy that guarantees the protection of personal items right under the umbrella, thus increasing the relaxation and serenity of customers.

Over the years, paying constant attention to the renewed needs of operators in the sector, Security Beach has come to create as many as 9 different models of safes, to satisfy every possible request, placing itself, with this, as a world leader in the range proposal. It starts from the classic version, with a mechanical combination lock, moving on to the model with an electronic combination lock and-key to then arrive at the more advanced versions, equipped with an RFID lock with an electronic bracelet, and the highly sought-after Solar version equipped with an amorphous solar panel, which allows you to charge your mobile phone while it is safely inside the safe.

Security Beach company, continuously comparing itself with the operators of the sector, has managed year after year to perfect the existing models and to always offer new solutions. The latest in chronological order are the creation of a new waterproof lock with RFID and bluetooth control and the publication of the Security Beach app on Android and Apple platforms. These solutions have allowed the new Security Beach safes to be managed and controlled even remotely, acquiring the “Industry” certification which allows you to benefit from tax incentives.

In the Security Beach range, the RFID models are the most requested, as in addition to the simplicity of use, they allow to satisfy an increasingly felt need for integration, i.e. the possibility, with a single bracelet, to use other services, for example for the use of hot showers, access to swimming pools and cabins, as well as being able to pay for drinks.

More than 300 structures in Italy and abroad have chosen Security Beach, increasing the protection of customers’ personal assets and, with this, their degree of satisfaction. Security Beach has revolutionized beaches, allowing holidaymakers to protect their valuables in a safe place, but above all close to their umbrella.

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