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How to make black food in your beach club

The latest culinary trend is particularly dark: we are talking about black food, the fashion of cooking black colored foods that is captivating the mind and palate of all food lovers. The practice goes very well with all those avant-garde beach clubs and beach restaurants that want to meet the needs of tourists, who are increasingly attentive and fascinated by the dishes that can be photographed and shared on social networks. Moreover, black food does not involve particular efforts: in fact, one of its key ingredients is cuttlefish ink which – we are ready to bet – is already an indispensable component in many beach clubs with kitchen.

Black food, like many other fashions, was born in the United States and has already conquered the world through social media. The dishes prepared according to this trend are in fact particularly photographed and shared on Instagram, and can therefore represent an opportunity to increase the popularity of your beach restaurant. The hashtag #blackfood is a growing trend, currently with over 15,000 posts, and in the UK the Waitrose chain has already launched a “black menu” with pizza, biscuits, black-based sandwiches.

But how is black food made? The basic ingredient is vegetable carbon, a completely natural substance that also has beneficial effects on bowel purification. Mixed with the dough of bread, briosches, ice cream and biscuits, the charcoal makes these foods black without altering their flavor, giving extraordinary aesthetic emotions. In Salerno, the Ilka dairy has already launched the “Nera di Bufala“, a dark mozzarella that contains a pinch of charcoal inside, while some bars abroad offer their customers the “Dark Cappuccino“. In your own bathhouse, you can prepare interesting sandwiches stuffed with salmon or octopus with black bread.

In addition to charcoal, another fundamental component for black food is squid ink, certainly much more available and comparable in the menus of bathing establishments. In addition to the classic risotto, this marine ink can be added in spaghetti and fish-based ravioli to change their look while maintaining the flavor.

Among the other ingredients at the base of black food there are those for the finest palates, such as truffles and caviar, but also more unusual substances such as licorice, coffee and blackberries. It is all about experimenting in your own kitchen, and we are sure it will be a great success.


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