Arketicom, the art of service in the beach industry

Have you ever wondered why two beach facilities, despite being in similar locations and boasting the same crystal clear sea and golden sand, can have such different prices? It’s a question that stimulated our thoughts here at Arketicom, when we set out to serve beach establishments. Yes, you read that right: we talk about service, even though we are in the business of producing goods. But not just any goods: we produce goods that serve to improve the comfort of guests, so, in the end, we produce a service – our service to relaxation.

In the end, the sea is a common good. However, going back to our initial question, why do you pay more to get more? This is the beating heart behind every Arketicom product. Our goal is to offer the opportunity for managers of tourism and accommodation facilities to ask for more because they offer something more. And what is more valuable to a guest on vacation than relaxation? That’s why we aim to create not just products, but unforgettable relaxation experiences.

Imagine a mattress made from the finest quality polyurethane core, wrapped in a soft, stain-resistant fabric that embraces everyone who lays on it, providing an experience of comfort and relaxation. This is our commitment: to transform material objects into intangible sensations, making your guests’ stay unforgettable.

In an industry as increasingly competitive, branded and sought after as the beach industry, it is essential to look beyond. Those who have the foresight to offer something more, something that goes beyond the material object, are bound to stand out. This is our commitment at Arketicom: to offer not just products, but sensations.

Thank you for taking the time to read these reflections. We hope they will inspire you to aim higher and higher in meeting your guests’ needs and offering them a unique and unforgettable experience.

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