Tuareg beach equipment has an edge, thanks to field trials

Il Tuareg Beach a Mandatoriccio (Calabria)

Throughout Italy, but also abroad, the products proposed by Tuareg for improving accessibility, cleanliness and care of beaches are gaining countless appreciation in both the public and private sectors. This is thanks to the company’s strong experience in the field, which has the opportunity to directly test all the products offered for long periods of time. Tuareg, in fact, in addition to producing and distributing beach equipment, also directly manages a beach establishment of the same name in Calabria: this represents for that extra gear compared to all competitors who do not have this possibility.

For this reason, Tuareg has been a top international leader for years when it comes to beach cleaning and care, making state-of-the-art products and introducing very useful new products year after year. The most important companies specializing in the beach industry, including many high-end facilities, use the solutions offered by Tuareg with satisfaction.

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