The machine for making perfect Spritzes in seconds

The revelation of the summer is Sprizzer, the innovative mixer for making Spritz to perfection by lowering a simple lever, saving time and costs with a professional result. It needs no electricity, requires no maintenance and costs just 161 euros + VAT.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to make hundreds of Spritzes by lowering a simple lever? Now you can with Sprizzer, the innovative mixer that is set to revolutionize summer 2024. It is a dispenser designed to simplify the preparation of the famous Spritz cocktail, which is winning over bars, restaurants, caterers and beach establishments for its simplicity and flexibility.

Sprizzer: automation and speed at the bar counter

Sprizzer is the ideal solution for automating and speeding up the preparation of the Spritz, the most popular cocktail of all. With Sprizzer, bartenders can prepare hundreds of Spritzes during an aperitif, lightening their workload. This allows them to spend more time on other activities, such as creating complex and customized cocktails, thus improving their offerings and customer service.

Magic in a single gesture

Sprizzer features a reservoir divided into three compartments to hold Prosecco, Aperol/Campari or Select and Seltz/carbonated water. With the simple act of lowering a lever, the three ingredients are dosed perfectly into the glass in seconds.

Sprizzer requires no electricity and can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The tanks can be refilled without interruption, ensuring a steady flow of Spritz for customers. With Sprizzer, one person alone can make 450 Spritzes in 40 minutes.

Sprizzer at the table: conviviality and innovation

For groups of friends, birthdays, celebrations or simple aperitifs, Sprizzer can be brought directly to the table. This self-service mode creates a fun and convivial atmosphere, allowing the merchant to sell more Spritz and save time. Customers can enjoy their iconic orange cocktail on their own, experiencing a unique and innovative experience that sets the establishment apart from other competitors.

Versatility and time-saving

Sprizzer not only makes life easier for horeca operators, but also offers an irresistible aesthetic touch with its integrated ice tank that keeps ingredients fresh. Sprizzer is easy to clean and convenient to transport, with a capacity of 3 liters of ingredients, enough to prepare 16 to 20 glasses, and with the ability to refill the tanks constantly. When not in use, it can be compacted for clutter-free storage.

A guaranteed success

On social media, Sprizzer has already gone viral, reaching more than 10 million views and attracting the attention of forward-thinking customers and horeca operators. These professionals have not missed the opportunity to propose this novelty to their clients, successfully testing Sprizzer at caterers, trade shows and events. The machine has proven to handle hundreds of clients with ease, confirming its effectiveness and practicality.

Sustainable and certified innovation

Sprizzer is a patented product designed for robustness and durability. It consumes no energy and requires no maintenance, so it is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective machine for horeca entrepreneurs.

Available now

Sprizzer has already been purchased by many horeca companies since the first production batch. The launch price for summer 2024 is 161 euros + VAT. You can buy it directly at in red, black, white colors and it is delivered in 24/48 hours at no extra cost. Join the aperitif revolution with Sprizzer and win over your customers.

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