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Beach cleaning machines, stainless steel shower columns, washers, high pressure washers, sweepers, motor sweepers, vacuum cleaners, trolleys, floor washers, inflatables, cool tunnels, Tornado washers and beach umbrella washers, nebulizers.

Pressure washer Corona Beach double action

idropulitrice corona beach double action

The new Corona Beach high pressure washer has a double action mechanism to wash and sanitize at the same time the floors and furniture of the bathing establishment. Equipped with a double wheel and modular stainless steel front bar, it has a working width varying from 70 cm up to 3.5 metres, a 90 litre tank and a professional pump with ceramic pistons.


Tornado beach umbrellas and beach loungers washers

Macchina lavalettini e lavaombrelloni Tornado

The Tornado beach umbrella and beach loungers washing machine is the ideal solution for washing, disinfecting and sanitising umbrellas, sunbeds, deckchairs and director’s chairs. Produced by Tecnopress in exclusive worldwide, it is available in 220 V and 380 V versions, and is able to wash umbrellas up to a maximum diameter of 2.40 metres.


Leopard beach cleaner

Reliable and versatile, the Tecnopress Leopard beach cleaner has a fully hot-dip galvanised chassis, new trapezoidal design, new rubber tracks with increased track width and ground contact surface, front loader. The machine is equipped with the latest generation 22 hp Honda twin-cylinder engine powered by green petrol, triple Gr2 hydraulic pump with oversized coupling lantern, and is able to offer a working width of up to 1300 mm, reaching a working depth of 150 mm.


Cicala beach cleaner

The most compact, functional, handy and economical beach cleaning machine created until now. Fully hydrostatic, with forward and reverse running, effective working width of 70 cm, possibility of grazing the umbrella pole, fully hot-dip galvanized with powder-coated and subsequently polymerised frame; this model, created with quality materials and functionality equal to its older brothers, but with an affordable price for all bathing establishments, is placed in the entry-level range of beach cleaning machines without sacrificing quality.


Jaguar beach cleaner

Self-propelled, crawler machine, it is the only one with an integrated sieve inside, which considerably reduces the overall dimensions and manoeuvring space. Thanks to the longer and hydraulically adjustable sieve, compared to the competition, it allows the cleaning of the beach even in critical working conditions such as wet sand or an enormous amount of dirt. Total hydraulic management with triple pump, hot-dip galvanised frame, rubber tracks, 13 hp Honda engine powered by green petrol.


Lion beach cleaner

Lion is the most versatile and high-performance beach cleaning machine on the market. Total hydraulic management with triple pump, hot-dip galvanised chassis, rubber tracks and oversized track width, 20 hp Honda twin-cylinder green petrol engine, 1300 mm working width, 150 mm working depth. Optional: trolley and/or forks, rake for grass catcher, pallet planer drill, new loader loader, hydraulic unloading, sun canopy.


Kobra beach cleaner

The tracked Kobra beach cleaner is available with a working width of 90 cm and equipped with a 6 HP Honda engine powered by green petrol. All parts in contact with the sand are galvanised, high transmission from the ground and direct on the track, double seal bearings and further protected by LSTO labyrinth ring, track block to facilitate steering, interchangeable nets with different knitting, removable waste drawer.


Tiger One Plus beach cleaner

The Tiger One Plus, with total hydraulic management, is equipped with a 13 hp Honda engine and powered by green petrol with electric start (and recoil starter). It can be equipped with the following optional extras: roof rack, algae rake, pallet drill, forks, loader, excavator arm, hydraulic discharge and sun canopy.


Hot water pressure washers

Tecnopress offers a wide range of hot water pressure washers. In particular, the single phase Mississippi hot water high pressure washer by Tecnopress (on the left in the picture) has a power of 3 Hp, maximum flow rate 600 lt/h and maximum pressure 150 Bar. The machine weighs 54 kg and has dimensions 80 x 55 x 83.


Cold water pressure washers

idropulitrici acqua fredda

Tecnopress offers a wide range of cold water high pressure washers. In particular, the cold water high pressure washer Pro-Liner by Tecnopress (on the right in the picture) has a power of 3 Hp, maximum flow rate 600 lt/h and maximum pressure 130 Bar. Bronze head, ceramic pistons and 1450 rpm electric motor.


Floor washers

macchine lavapavimenti

Tecnopress’s wide range of professional floor washing machines is characterized by compact dimensions, extreme practicality of use and high performance. Exclusive squeegee system, water distribution system at brush centre, simple and functional control panel.




The Magica compact sweeper by Tecnopress (on the left in the picture) is a practical and easy solution for cleaning the walkways of bathing establishments. The machine stands out for its working width of 65-70 cm and for the considerable autonomy of the battery that allows it to reach up to 4 hours of work.

The Genius sweepers by Tecnopress (on the right in the photo) make up a wide range of sweepers of larger dimensions, but always simple and intuitive to use. Patented SLS system with self-adjusting and self-levelling central brush. Equipment: control panel, waste discharge, power supply with 24V batteries.


Vacuum cleaners

aspirapolveri aspiraliquidi

Industrial vacuum cleaners, suitable for cleaning the bar-restaurant areas of beach clubs, indoor and outdoor floors. They are distinguished by an excellent capacity and high capacity, as well as by the quietness of the motor. Standard equipment with flexible hose, “S” shaped rigid hose, dust floor nozzle, liquid nozzle, brush and flat lance. Three different models available to meet every need.


Pure water

acqua pura

Water, purified from any other element contained in it such as mineral salts and impurities, has a high cleaning power and is an excellent solvent. Pure water is particularly suitable for the treatment of all non-porous surfaces such as glass, marble, plastics and ceramics, without the use of chemical products and with a perfect result. Once the cleaning has been carried out, it is sufficient to rinse to remove the last residues of dirt and the surface will remain deeply clean and free of halos. Tecnopress’s range of pure water machines is among the most performing on the market and is developed on two types: GreenTube (for less heavy duty applications, 2/3 hours a day) and HighPure (for more demanding professional applications, up to 8 hours a day).


Eolo inflating-dinghies


Eolo is the practical inflating machine for beach clubs. Equipped with a stainless steel structure and equipped with a gun with spiral tube, Eolo allows to inflate dinghies and beds in a practical and easy way. Equipped with coin or token box (optional).


Beach showers and stainless steel foot washers

docce spiaggia

Tecnopress provides beach showers tailored to any need, customizable in the structure, in the number of shower arms and foot washers. Tecnopress beach showers and foot wash columns, in stainless steel, are modern and functional.


Cooling systems

Oasi del Fresco

The Oasi del Fresco (on the left in the photo) is a system for the cooling of the customers of the beach clubs: an amusing and impactful system for tourists. It is, among other things, the only system in the world that works without the aid of electric pumps, atomising the water by simply connecting it to the water mains. Dimensions: 1000 x 2000 x 900 mm. Equipped with a timer to avoid unnecessary waste of water. According to the customer’s needs, Tecnopress realizes various types of nebulization cooling systems with very low water consumption pumps, completely customizable.

Oasi del Fresco for dogs

The Oasi del Fresco for dogs (right in the picture) is the first system in the world for four-legged friends, especially suitable for beach clubs equipped for dogs. This cooling system also works without the aid of electric pumps, spraying the water simply by connecting to the water mains. This is an additional service for customers who, with extreme comfort, can also refresh their animal friends from the summer sun. The management costs of the system and water consumption are practically irrelevant, while the innovative service is of first quality and avant-garde.



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