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Powersoft is an Italian company specializing in the design, production and marketing of a wide range of professional high-end patented technologies for the professional audio market such as power amplifiers, loudspeaker components and software for use primarily in installed and live sound applications.


As an advanced multimedia device, Deva is a convergence of multiple devices that can be easily deployed anywhere, enabling automated and direct interaction with the public. Its camera, high powered speaker and multiple sensors are designed to complement each other and to interact with third-party applications to offer several services spanning from safety, to information and entertainment.

Social distancing

Deva offers a series of functionalities that make it a powerful safety device capable of identifying the number of people in an area while responding in real-time when the number of people goes beyond set limits. This allows to prevent people from congregating, helps in the implementation of the social distancing regulations that are currently been introduced to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Body temperature

Deva can be easily integrated with a body temperature measurement system to help security personnel screen employees or visitors. The ability to provide early symptoms’ detection makes Deva a smart tool for preventing transmission from sick people and screening others who may not know they have a fever.

Deva is an active control device that can replace security personnel if needed. Thanks to its ability to interact with third-party software and applications, Deva can block the turnstile and prevent access to visitors and employees who are not wearing face-mask or who have been detected with body temperature above the threshold level.

Sos and public warning messaging

Deva can be used to achieve total coverage in any space, both indoors and outdoors, for real-time or recorded emergency messaging, thanks to the high performances full-range speaker. Integration into existing evacuation systems is also possible thanks to its advanced connectivity options.

Fence control camera

Deva can be the first to witness an intrusion and trigger an audible alarm while informing the administrators. The administrators can create virtual perimeters and prevent access to a specific site while ensuring that the public is kept safe and far away from danger.

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