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Gluten-free handmade products, to offer a fast and quality service to celiac customers

Did you know that coeliac disease is on the rise?

More and more people are forced to eat gluten-free: the latest estimates by the Ministry of Health speak of 3% of the population among diagnosed and non-diagnosed coeliacs. It is those who have special dietary needs who decide where to eat, taking all their family, friends and acquaintances with them.

How are you prepared?

The law prohibits you from handling gluten-free food if you do not have a dedicated kitchen or if you do not follow very restrictive health and hygiene regulations. This is almost impossible for small beach clubs and resorts. The solution is in the Gluten Free Laboratory ready meals, designed for catering activities: they are handmade, of excellent quality and easy to prepare. Simply heat them directly in their tray in any microwave or traditional oven.

Are they safe food?

Of course, you can’t joke about these things: Laboratorio Senza Glutine is a company certified by the Ministry of Health and approved by ASL.

How can you receive the products?

Don’t worry, we ship them all over Italy. The products are frozen, they last 11 months and will be sent to you in a refrigerated box.


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