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Emmediciotto has been producing professional cosmetic products and detergent and sanitizing products for hands and surfaces for over 15 years, always guaranteeing high quality. The company offers the possibility of customization on specific request and supplies devices and supports for individual safety, such as protective visors, protective barriers and displays for 1 liter sanitizing gels. All products are accompanied by the necessary safety data sheets.

Hand sanitizing gel

Hand sanitizing gel with 75% alcohol. The product comes in the form of a transparent fluid gel and is able to reduce the amount of germs and bacteria present on the skin thanks to the presence of alcohol.

It can be used to effectively sanitize hands on all those occasions when there is no possibility of using water
and soap; in particular at the entrance to public places such as bathing establishments, bars, restaurants and hotels which are obliged to make it available to customers in compliance with anti-covid regulations.

Its formulation makes it practical to use: it is not greasy, does not require water, dries quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. The presence of glycerin guarantees a mild moisturizing effect.

How to use: pour about 3 ml of product on the palm of one hand and massage both hands for 30 seconds until completely dry.

0% parabens, petrolatum, silicones, dyes.


Sanitizer for surfaces (without rinsing)

Sanitizing spray for surfaces without rinsing. Green tea scented, its hydro-alcoholic formula containing 75% denatured ethyl alcohol promotes a high level of hygiene.

Its function is to sanitize the surfaces. It does not leave aggressive chemical residues on surfaces.

How to use: spray on the surface at a distance of about 15 cm. Leave to act for 30 seconds and wipe with a dry cloth or sponge, rubbing the surface to remove excess product. Do not rinse.

Dispensing: convenient spray bottle with safety closure.

0% parabens, petrolatum, silicones.

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