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Beach walkways, portable and roll up, and plastic floors easy to install and remove.

Fast-Floor – Beach walkway

The Fast-Floor unrolling beach walkway is specially designed to protect or replace existing flooring in your beach clubs and resorts. Thanks to the special hooks, Fast-Floor is extremely easy and quick to install without the need for specialised assistance. In addition, the special cellular structure makes Fast-Floor very resistant to weathering, heat and salt and quick to lay on sand. The Fast-Floor beach walkway is able to withstand large loads, draining thanks to the special grooves for rapid water flow, and available in a wide range of colours (blue, light blue, green, red, black, grey, yellow, orange). Each tile has dimensions of 33 x 8.5 cm.

Grip-Deck – Beach floor

The Grip-Deck beach floor is a non-slip surface made of high-quality soft PVC, chemical and UV-resistant, insulating, comfortable and available in various colours. It is a specific product for wet environments such as swimming pools, shower areas, changing rooms and beach gazebos; and it is safe and hygienic for barefoot use. Each tile that can be assembled measures 33 x 33 centimetres, and is equipped with special feet that keep the surface raised from the floor in order to allow the water to drain off, favouring the elimination of fungi and bacteria.

Quiccky – Beach floor

Quiccky is a portable, roll-up beach floor made of top quality polypropylene with added shock and ultraviolet protection. The Quiccky beach floor consists of individual modules measuring 50 x 12.5 cm (2 cm high), which are extremely resistant to weight thanks to the special lower honeycomb structure. Quiccky, supplied pre-assembled by Depa, can be easily assembled in a short time and without the need for specialised personnel. Available in grey and various other colours on request.

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