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Boxotto is a cabinet with a technological system to offer a charging service for all portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, video games. In addition, the company offers charging columns for e-bikes that allow it to provide a new service to further increase the loyalty of its customers and attract new ones.

boxotto armadietto ricarica

Boxotto, the smart recharge

  • Safe: EMC certified system for electromagnetic emissions, flame retardant material, CE mark certification.
  • Fast: fast recharge times thanks to the sockets powered directly in each door.
  • Reliable: high quality materials made in Italy, without sharp edges both on the frame and on the doors, suitable to safely store your values.


Boxotto allows the structure/company that uses it to offer the protected charging service both free of charge and for a fee.

Boxotto has construction features that place it at the top of the European production scene. Starting from the trademark, registered both in Italy and in Europe, to the single construction parts specifically designed and certified in order to offer the service in total safety.

All mechanical parts are made of water-repellent aluminium or class II MDF. The use of this material protects it from rust and corrosion, allowing it to be exposed and used in wet environments such as beaches, swimming pools, gyms, ships, etc.. The thickness of the material (1 cm the doors of the individual boxes) and the use of specially made and flush mounted hinges offer a closed and completely protected compartment, difficult to force and therefore a further guarantee for the quality of the service offered.

The electrical part is completely made with parts from the Italian market and CE certified. The wiring is completely made with self-extinguishing and smoke-proof cables. The project foresees the use of single and independent circuits for each box, as a guarantee of the service offered. The material used is self-extinguishing and smoke-proof in order to avoid, in case of fire, the spread of fire and the emission of harmful combustion gases.

How Boxotto is made

Boxotto consists of an aluminium frame with all internal parts inaccessible to the user, in compliance with current regulations. It is always powered from a single 220 V source point.

Boxotto is a container divided into 5 compartments equal to each other but completely independent. Each compartment is equipped with a double USB socket capable of delivering 1.2 A at full load. The socket is located on the rear internal wall of the compartment and easily accessible.

Each Boxotto is composed of 3 separate modules:

  1. the support to be fixed to the wall
  2. the module for the electronics to be fixed to the wall support
  3. the chassis including the 5 compartments to be hooked to the electronics module.


The dimensions of Boxotto are: length 89.2 cm, height 36.4 cm and depth 34.8 cm.

The weight is about 34 kg (depending on the type of locks mounted and the wall mounting on trolley or stand).


Colour customisation

Boxotto allows the personalisation of the device purchased so that it can be inserted in the work environment also from a chromatic point of view. The standard chromatic customisation concerns the doors, which can be supplied in the following colours without extra charge: green, red, orange, blue, yellow, white and black. The frames and chassis are grey.

On request and with a surcharge the doors, and in some cases also the profiles and the chassis, can be painted with different RAL colours.

Below are the colours offered as standard.

How to use

The installation on the doors of the different types of locks available allow Boxotto to use and provide different services. Below are the different types of locks that can be fitted:

  • 4-digit electronic combination
  • traditional key
  • padlock lock
  • coin lock from 50 cent to 2 € with the possibility of cash box for coin recovery with proximity sensor activated by Mifare compatible card, bracelet or key ring.


How to install Boxotto

It can be supplied in dedicated set-ups, according to the customer’s requests.

It can be mounted on a special steel trolley equipped with 4 swivel castors (2 of which with brake), so that it can be moved to the most desired environment.

This allows structures such as beaches, bars or clubs to store the system overnight by simply unplugging it.

The trolley in question can accommodate up to two Boxotto at a time. The dimensions are 950 x 1250 x 420 mm.

For Boxotto systems with a capacity of up to 3 different chassis to be installed not on the wall, but to be placed inside the room, there is a special stand called light.

The floor stand in question must in any case be fixed to the wall.

With this type of installation, the equipment is supplied with the wall mounting flange to be fixed to the floor stand itself.

For Boxotto systems with a capacity of up to four different chassis, not to be installed on the wall but to be placed inside the room, a special stand called heavy is available.

The stand in question can be supplied on wheels or for fixing to the floor (a solution strongly recommended, given the weight of four systems).

With this type of installation, the equipment is supplied with a wall mounting flange to be fixed to the predispositions present on the upright.

Where not all four systems are mounted, it is possible to use the space left free for the support of monitors or advertising material.



E-bike charging stations: the mobility of the future

The e-bike is consolidating as one of the most interesting two-wheeler markets: the spread of e-bikes is growing exponentially and power supply systems need to be provided to allow users to recharge their vehicles.

Eternet, under the Boxotto brand, offers recharging stations that allow shopkeepers, associations and public administrations to provide a new service for a fee or not, a new way to further increase customer loyalty and attract new ones.

An innovative software allows the management of the columns and the possibility of providing a service that offers high visibility. Users recognised by the cloud can activate (if authorised) the available socket and recharge any device (smartphones, tablets, hoverboards, e-bikes and electric scooters via their own power supplies).

Unmanaged columns

  • Box made of super tough thermoplastic material resistant to impact, heat and UV rays.
  • Plastic material more suitable to be used outdoors with very low or very high ambient temperatures; it resists to strong mechanical stress and maintains its characteristics unchanged over time.
  • The transparent cover for access to the switch levers is equipped with a Yale key lock.
  • The spring-loaded cover closes automatically, maintaining the degree of protection against dust and water.
  • The degree of protection of the column is IP66. AISI 316 stainless steel boxed pedestal dimensions 80x40x1.5 mm length 830 mm, 2.5 mm thick control unit fixing plate and 3 mm thick floor fixing plate (4 holes diameter 9 mm).
  • 2 or 4 Schuko-Bipasso IP66 16A 2P+E universal sockets, with spring closing cover.
  • 1 circuit breaker 10A 1P+N Idn 0.03A Class AC Icn 4.5kA brand Schneider 2 or 4 circuit breakers 6A 1P+N Icn 4.5kA brand Schneider
  • Power supply 230V with 1 rubber grommet PG21


Service station for e-bikes

  • Material: aluminium.
  • Height 126 cm
  • Width 43 cm
  • Depth: 36 cm.
  • The housing that allows the anchorage of the saddle or frame is covered with neoprene in order not to damage the bike. The station includes all the necessary tools to carry out basic repairs and maintenance, to adjust the brakes and derailleurs. The tool cables are made of stainless steel so that all components of the bike can be easily reached.
  • Equipment: Allen set (2.5 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8), spanner 8 – 9, spanner 12 – 13, spanner 14 – 15, adjustable spanner 200 mm, star screwdriver, flat screwdriver, caliper, universal hand pump.
  • On request it is possible to install 2 universal Schuko-Bipasso IP44 16A 2P+E socket-outlets, with spring closing cover; 1 magnetothermal differential switch 6A 1P+N Idn 0,03A class AC Icu 6kA Icn 4,5kA Schneider brand to guarantee quality and reliability over time; 230V power supply with 1 Siemens terminal block for 6 mm2 cables for line arrival; 1 PG21 rubber grommet.

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