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Immediacy, ease of use and reliability: these are the characteristics of BeachBot. With him, managing your beach has never been easier: you won’t have to download new apps or learn how to use complicated software. Impossible? No, since BeachBot has the form of a simple chat, but the heart of a powerful management software! And it is customized for your establishment: it has its own logo, name and colors. By taking advantage of the ease of use, interactivity and naturalness of a chat, you can manage your customers’ bookings and orders, all with one and only service.

BeachBot, your beach in one click

Why a chatbot?

Nowadays, everyone knows how to use a messaging application. So why not exploit one directly as a management system? Using what you already know is much easier than learning to use a new application and you don’t need to download yet another new app! For this reason, BeachBot condenses everything into a single messaging app, which can be used both as a management software and to receive and manage customer orders.

How does Beachbot simplify beach clubs’ work?

Through a free messaging interface, BeachBot manages to simulate a natural conversation with a human being, in a simple and effective way: it will take care of the management of your customers’ reservations and orders! BeachBot, in fact, is able to receive infinite requests at the same time, processes them and sends you their orders and reservations directly, avoiding crowds, queues at the counter and a continuous ringing of your phone.

What does BeachBot do?

Thanks to its high ease of use, BeachBot allows you to quickly view the umbrellas of your establishment, check their availability and manage reservations. In addition, BeachBot allows your customers to place orders and reservations, directly from under the umbrella: just upload the menu of the day with a simple photo! Bathers can consult it comfortably from their sunbed and send you what they want via BeachBot.

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