The great idea for meals on the beach: the comfortable and universal maxi table

Meals eaten under the beach umbrella are becoming more and more popular, and a brilliant idea comes along that can make all the difference to the comfort of tourists on the beach. The concept is as simple as it is brilliant: it is a simple round sheet to be applied on top of the classic beach umbrella table so that it can be used comfortably for lunch, playing cards or simply placing many more objects on it than the classic format.

The product, which can be bought either by tourists to carry it under their beach umbrella or by plant owners to offer it as additional comfort in a season when health safety distances have to be respected, was developed by a company from Romagna, Fiorini Imballaggi: «Our company, specialized in the production of plastic packaging, like many others had to stop during lockdown. And at that time we decided to use the materials we already knew in the world of packaging to realize an idea that would meet new needs», explains Roberto Locatelli of the Fiorini company.

«Reflecting on the new anti-covid regulations and in particular on the well-known social distancing, which forces us to rethink many of our behaviour in public places. So it came natural for us to imagine the public summer place par excellence: the beach. To improve the experience under the beach umbrella and meet the many tourists who will have to eat meals, snacks and aperitifs under the beach umbrella instead of at the tables of the beach club, we proposed our removable table to the managers of the beach clubs and resorts here in Romagna, meeting with enthusiasm and positive opinions».

The table consists of a simple sheet of honeycomb polypropylene: it is a material that makes it rigid and resistant, but at the same time very light; in addition, it can be easily sanitised with ordinary products and is 100% recyclable.

The 80 cm diameter makes the table perfect for four people, not only for eating, but also for a card game by the sea. In addition, it adapts well to almost all types of beach umbrellas and is very easy to install and remove, as this video shows.

The beach clubs that have already bought the Fiorini’s table leave it to customers, who use it independently. As far as the price is concerned, the company proposes two versions, a simpler one of 20 euros and a more refined one of 25 euros.

«The table opens up possibilities that go beyond the current covid-19 situation – concludes Locatelli – because even in regular periods it allows to increase the number of seats available, giving the guests of the structures the choice to have lunch or an aperitif comfortably under their own umbrella». An intuition that could change the entire way of living the beach.

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