Hand and surface cleaners: Emmediciotto products are a guarantee of quality

Gel and spray with 75% alcohol that make a difference to hygiene in your public place

Emmediciotto srl produces sanitizing detergents for hands and surfaces with a guarantee of high quality. The company also offers the possibility of customisation on specific request and supplies devices and supports for individual protection, such as visors and protection barriers and displays for litre sanitising gels. Emmediciotto’s flagship products include the automatic gel dispenser with “proximity sensor” to guarantee maximum hygiene: the gel is dispensed as the hand approaches, without the need to press any buttons. All Emmediciotto products are accompanied by the necessary safety data sheets for export all over the world.

Emmediciotto’s hand and surface cleaners guarantee:

  • 75% alcohol sanitation
  • perfect and immediate maximum security
  • excellent product cosmeticity
  • pleasant scent
  • practical use
  • do not grease or dirty hands and surfaces

In particular, Emmediciotto’s hand sanitising gel is a detergent for hands without rinsing, with 75% alcohol with a sanitising action. Effective in a few moments, it absorbs quickly leaving the skin soft, does not grease and leaves a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. It is a fluid and transparent gel, able to reduce the amount of germs and bacteria present on the skin thanks to the presence of alcohol. 75% alcohol is effective because of its ability to denature proteins and bacterial enzymes, while the glycerine present in the formula guarantees a slight moisturizing effect. The product does not contain parabens, petrolatums, silicones and dyes.

The multi-surface sanitising spray without rinsing, on the other hand, has a pleasant green tea scent. Multi-purpose detergent ideal for cleaning and sanitising all surfaces in the home, office and public areas, its formula leaves no aggressive chemical residues on surfaces and does not require rinsing, contains 75% ethyl alcohol and promotes a high level of hygiene, without leaving aggressive chemical residues. It is equipped with a convenient spray dispenser, with safety lock. The product does not contain parabens, petrolatums and silicones.



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