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VPF produces mobile homes, caravan houses on approved wheels, commercial prefabs (bars, offices, receptions, newsstands, etc.), bathrooms and showers. In addition, any standard floor plan can be applied to every VPF line, depending on space and budget requirements. Furthermore, VPF carry out “tailor-made” projects, custom-made mobile homes, even on wheels, designed by us or directly built on the project provided by the customers themselves.

Prefabricated Bathroom Module

The prefabricated bathroom module is getting more and more attention because of the advantages it can give to new construction projects and also in adapting buildings and specific contexts to conditions of greater living and functional well-being, such as for example: campsites, beach resorts, fields sports, parishes, oratories, parks, public places in general and urban spaces.

The fact that we can customize the project on request, from the choice of floors and walls to the quality of the accessories, strictly inspired by the values of Italian design, is certainly a winner, so our prefabricated bathroom modules meet high standards of realization with surprising results in terms of elegance, comfort and refinement of details.

Bathrooms and showers are perhaps the least showcased in a tourist facility, but they are also among the things that a customer will remember most, both positively and negatively. That is why it is important that they are studied in detail, showing to be welcoming and functional.

chiosco bar prefabbricato

Prefabricated Bar Bistros

VPF specializes in the design and construction of prefabricated bar kiosks throughout the Italian territory. Our customers tell us where and how they want their bar, in what style, and we bring it to the spot, ready to open and serve customers.

With our prefabricated bar kiosks you have got everything you need to immediately start either a bar activity or a kitchen one. The versatility of our modules allows a personalised realization based on your needs and also “Take Away”.

The strong point, as always, is to have a turnkey bar: equipment included and easily replaceable, health and hygiene standards fully met, eco-compatibility, thanks to the use of recyclable materials, and finally the meticulous customization of the project, without underestimating the design.

centro benessere prefabbricato

Prefabricated Wellness Center

The new prefabricated “Aqua” Wellness Center has the idea of integrating in just a few square meters everything that the customers can expect, look for and desire in order to live in their relax.

The new prefabricated Wellness Center concentrates in its customizable interior a sauna, Turkish bath and whirlpool path, in addition to the cold mist and the cascade of water produced by the emotional shower that changes fragrances and colours.

It is the space dedicated to relaxation that we all were expecting, where we let ourselves go.
It is the space where all our 5 senses are allowed to activate and absorb everything that surrounds us without offering any resistance.
It is the space where we can immerse ourselves in the soft colours and quietness of the environments, inebriate with the scents of oils and thermal water, sip and enjoy herbal teas and rely on the expert hands of masseurs.

Prefabricated Offices and Receptions

By now offices and prefabricated receptions have become an excellent alternative to traditional building. Our office modules and prefabricated receptions are designed and manufactured both for internal and external use, in line with the regulations in force regarding anti-seismic and energy containment.

Today prefabricated offices and receptions are confirmed as the most comfortable spaces both for you and your staff. This solution has clear advantages compared to traditional building: cheaper cost of construction, rapid building times, customizable finishes, sound insulation and finally the chance to replace the prefab.

VPF also produces prefabricated modules for non-residential use: offices and reception areas, showers, kiosks, beach cabins and storage areas.
In this case, modules of any size, even on a project provided by the customer can be realised.

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