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Propac has been the leading company in Italy for packaging products for over thirty years. The company mission is to become a single supplier to meet all customer needs thanks to over 5500 items divided into materials for shipping, machinery and vehicles for warehouses, food packaging and disposable tableware, supplies for shops, office stationery, hygiene products and cleaning.

All products are available in stock. A team of experts is available to offer a logo customization service for all food packaging and to provide detailed information on the products.

Round disposable container in biodegradable paper

Salad container in MOKA certified food cardboard. Ideal for packaging ready meals such as salads, cold pasta, fruit salads. Available with a special PLA lid to better preserve food and for take away and delivery service. Biodegradable disposable bowl, microwaveable with immediate shipping and delivery in 24/48 h throughout Italy. Customizable on request with your own logo. Economic models and compostable models are also available.

Plastic containers for food

Disposable clear plastic trays with lid for storing ready-to-eat foods. Different sizes in stock, transparent rectangular trays or round containers for salads. PET material suitable for both heat and cold. Available for immediate delivery.

Open bag for sandwich

White food paper bag, open at the sides, measuring 15 x 19 cm. Ideal for packaging sandwiches, pieces of pizza, focaccia and wraps without getting your hands dirty and without the use of additional napkins. Widely used for fast catering activities as a sandwich bag. Paper resistant to grease, sauces and fatty substances. Customizable on request with your own graphics and logo.

Cardboard cup for fried food

Cardboard glass for fried foods such as chips, fries, croquettes. MOKA certified material, it absorbs grease and is non-greasy thanks to the anti-grease internal coating. The practical alternative to the fried cone. Practical to use, capacious, it keeps the heat up to 2 hours. Available for immediate delivery.

Food box with window

Cristal box in food cardboard with window for packaging ready meals such as salads, cold pasta, sandwiches, pizza, excellent for sushi. The transparent window allows the customer to see the contents, the large capacity offers space for multiple items such as three-of-a-kind lunch, multiple orders of sandwiches, sweets tastings. Microwave-safe material without lid, ideal for any food both dry and fatty.

Biodegradable brown cardboard food box

Food cardboard box for take-away service of ready meals. Available in three sizes in single portion format, two portions or boxes to contain several meals and drinks at the same time. The food boxes are designed to contain the fried trays to ensure the integrity of the product during transport. Quick and easy to assemble, they can be customized with your logo.

Trays for fried food in biodegradable cardboard

Food cardboard trays, also available with internal anti-grease coating. Ideal as an alternative to the plastic plate, excellent for hot products such as burgers and chips, sandwiches with sauces, fatty street food and junk food products. Original solution to also offer aperitifs such as peanuts, chips, pizzas. Disposable trays in stock in different sizes and delivered within 24-48 hours. They keep the heat up to 2 hours. Special boxes are also available where you can insert the trays for take-away and take away service.

Cardboard cup tray with handles

Sturdy cardboard tray to carry up to 4 glasses at the same time. Reusable, it is ideal for take-away service at the table or under the umbrella. To hold glasses of different shapes and sizes, with spaces also for sugar sachets, stirrers and napkins. The cardboard trays are available for immediate delivery and can be customized with your logo on request.

Brown cardboard boxes

Very sturdy brown cardboard boxes, ideal for transporting and reordering ready meals. The boxes are quick and easy to assemble, very comfortable because they can be stacked creating real space-saving towers. In addition, the front door can be lowered to allow identification of the content. Reusable, they are ideal for catering services.

Disposable thermal glasses

Disposable cardboard cups with colorful pattern. Ideal for hot drinks, also suitable for cold drinks. Available in three sizes, for coffee, cappuccino and drinks. Optional lids for glasses for take away and take away service, disposable glasses always available in stock with delivery in 24/48 hours.

Disposable plates in polythene paper

Disposable plates lined with grease-proof food paper. Square model or pizza slice format. Ideal for fast catering. The ecological alternative to plastic plates. Available for immediate delivery in 10 kg big savings cartons.

Paper placemats 30 x 45 cm

Disposable straw-colored food paper placemats, suitable for contact with dry and non-greasy foods. Ideal as disposable placemats. Available in 10 kg packs, all in stock and ready for delivery.

Anti-grease bags for food

Food paper bags, maximum grease absorbency, do not leave streaks. Ideal for fatty products such as focaccia, pizza, croissants, supplì and fried products.
10 kg cartons available in stock with delivery in 24/48 hours. Available for immediate delivery also bread bags and brown, white or black paper bags with window.

Food tray

Poly-coated paper tray, suitable for direct contact with food. Ideal for displaying pizzas, focaccias, sandwiches, croissants, quiches. Various sizes in stock and also available in the kraft avana color model, for a green touch to your venue. 10 kg cartons available for immediate delivery.

Bioplastic shopping bags

White biodegradable plastic shopper with decorative prints. 100% biodegradable and compostable, they comply with UNI EN 13 432 standards. They can also be reused for organic collection. Model with tank top handle, the biodegradable shopping bags are available in three different sizes, ideal for transporting food products.

Biodegradable glasses in PLA

Biodegradable and compostable disposable transparent glasses. Suitable for cold drinks, resistant up to -45 °. Suitable for any drink, water, wine, beer, cocktails or draft drinks. The ecological alternative to traditional plastic cups, which can be disposed of in organic waste. Available in stock in 3 different sizes.

Towel paper in vending machine

Drying paper in rolls without pre-cutting. Three-ply material in embossed paper, ensures maximum absorbency. Suitable for contact with food, it is essential to always keep at hand inside the bar and kitchen. Numerous types, formats and models of paper are available in stock and dry everything in reels or sheets.

Wheeled waste bins

Plastic bins for separate waste collection, available in 80 liter, 120 liter and 240 liter formats. The rear wheels allow greater ease of transport. Bag stop ring and pedal are also available on request. The whole range is completed with relative garbage bags, of various colors, models and thicknesses.

Hand sanitizing gel in various formats

Hand gel with 65% alcohol, to eliminate germs and bacteria. Enriched with glycerin and essential oils, it leaves a pleasant scent on the skin. Available in various pocket and counter formats or in the 5 and 10 liter format for refills.

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