Deva, more comfort and safety on the beach

Beach clubs must find solutions to protect the safety of their customers, without renouncing the creation of a comfortable environment aimed at relaxation and fun. In order to limit the spread of Covid-19, the levels of health attention, regulated by social distancing and body temperature detection, increase the need to enhance the investment through tools that can also be used after pandemia.

Powersoft has developed Deva, an innovative interactive multimedia device that integrates a camera, an audio speaker with a high level of intelligibility, environmental sensors and advanced connectivity options through 3G / 4G networks, LAN, WiFi, WAN, BT and GPS.

Reliable in its function as a safety system and performing as an entertainment system, Deva provides the bathing establishment with a wide range of functions both aimed at monitoring compliance with current regulations in real time and at disseminating music, service information and messages. promotional.


Powersoft spa

Powersoft spa

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