BeachBot, the beach management system as simple as a chat

Take advantage of the immediacy of messaging apps to manage orders and reservations

Nowadays, everyone knows how to use a messaging application like WhatsApp or Facebook. So why not use one directly as a management tool for your beach club? Using what you already know how to use is much easier than learning how to use a new app, and you don’t need to download yet another new app!

This is why BeachBot, the management system for beach clubs condensed into a single messaging app, can also be used to receive and manage customer orders. Immediacy, ease of use and reliability are the features that make BeachBot stand out: with it, managing your beach will never have been so easy.

BeachBot has the shape of a simple chat, but the heart of a powerful management system and is personalised for your establishment, with its logo, name and colours. Taking advantage of the ease of use, interactivity and naturalness of a chat, you can manage your customers’ reservations and orders, all with one and the same service.



Mondo Balneare

Mondo Balneare

Dal 2010, il portale degli stabilimenti balneari italiani: notizie quotidiane, servizi gratuiti, eventi di settore e molto altro.