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627 0983 90388


Zona Ind. Loc. Filiciusa snc, 87060 Mandatoriccio (CS)

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Fax: 0983 91315

Website: www.tuaregit...



Tuareg is a company composed by professional team who works in synergy, with diligence and professionalism for making beach cleaner machine more and more efficient and innovative, oriented to establish partnership with other companies in the industry and specialized systems.



Thanks to the quite light weight, this beach-cleaner machine can be used also with a small four-wheel drive tractor present on the market. Without problem it can get through at narrow places like for example the distance among beach umbrellas. Among main features we have to mention that the vibrating screen has a surface with increased grids. Additionally changing the wheel is extremely simple and safe, the gear case is cast-iron, the dumping of cargo bed takes place by means of the implementation of a hydraulic cylinder is detached by residues. Everything is inserted in a structure with a just change in length of 38,6 in (98 cm). EvoDynamic has proportionally similar features and components to the largest model and it can be used both the maintenance among beach umbrellas and the opening preparation of own beach resort. And not just it.


It is the ideal beach-cleaner machine for the medium large beach property and it doesn’t need of a big tractor. This machine is recommended for every compact tractor starting from 40 horses. This is possible thanks to the use of specific materials that have permitted the realization of the beach-clean with excellent productive capacity, keeping light weight. The wide double-execution vibrating screen permits to use with great results also in free beaches. The general dimensions are not exaggerated and they permit an excellent quick seasonal maintenance, with even beach umbrellas mounted. The used of special components in this model too has made imperceptible vibrations and noises. The change of the grids is really simple and it is possible to do it in complete safety. The maintenance is really simple. The full anti-corrosion treatment called “hot dip galvanizing” cancels every circumstance of transformation of rust, guaranteeing for a long duration of the machine, for perfect figure condition in the same style of every equipment in beach resorts.


Particularly recommended for big free beaches remediation, this beach-cleaner machine with its structure and its oversized components permits to work also in heavy conditions and with big size materials. The large surface of the vibrating screen guarantees a perfect performance. In this model too changing the grids is extremely simple and safe. The important profile used and the components generously dimensioned, protected by “hot dip galvanizing”, make TuaregEvoMax ultra tough. The simplicity and the simple access in every mechanism permit to every mechanic to make eventual remedial assistance with exceptional facility. This machine can be used also with tractors with 70 horses.


The twenty-years’ experience matured on the beach-cleaner machine that operates by means of the vibrating screen system has permitted to realize the biggest beach-cleaner machine carried by tractor, Tuareg EvoExtra. Thanks to the triple-execution of vibrating screen system, it works efficiently without stressing the engine and without provoking a generating vibration. With more than three square meters of vibrating surface it has a clearly higher performance than the other beach-cleaner machine carried by tractors. In fact, specialized companies, tourist organizations and public authorities prefer more and more this kind of beach-cleaner machine, easier to manage than the drown ones, starting from the simple maintenance, ending to the facility of manoeuvre. As every beach-cleaner machine serie Evotek, EvoEvtra too is completely hot zinc-coated. For this machine it is recommended the combination with tractors from 90 horses.