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617 010 4550993


Via Argonne 1C, 16145 Genova

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Inflatable water play products.

Rebound Aquapark

An incredible alternative to a trampoline.

Made of RF welded Duratex™ and #316 stainless steel welded ring plates, the Rebound's 8-sided design offers excellent bounce but is easier to set up and maintain than trampolines with metal frames and springs. This product comes complete with a Swimstep access platform and heavy duty molded boarding and transport handles. The Rebound bouncer also has an Aquapark option which includes our i-Log and a Rebound Slide.

- - -

Rockit Jr ™

Provides endless opportunities to balance roll it and Rockit.

One of our most popular products, this versatile, circular water rocker offers a variety of stations to accommodate participants of all sizes and age groups with users working individually or as a team. There are two sizes available, the larger Rockit and our smaller Rockit Jr.

- - -


The perfect way to test your balance against an opponent.

The perfect piece for small group dynamics is especially suitable for younger users thanks to its low profile and moderate depth requirements. You will never get tired from rocking back and forth while trying to keep your opponent off balance. Features an integrated boarding system and can fit up to 4 users. 

- - -

Challenge Track

A varied track with a progressive depth profile perfectly suited for the Short Course pool format. 

- - -


Makes the perfect island for swimming, playing or lounging.

In a resort setting floating platforms can easily double beach revenues when added to an existing chair/ umbrella program. By incorporating platforms into an Aquapark design to increase parental participation, parents are given a place to rest and families can also congregate during Aquapark use. The durable construction allows it to be anchored all season long if necessary. Includes 8 D-rings on the top for attaching accessories such as the softpack, or a way to attach other watercraft such as waverunners or SUP boards. The Sundeck Softpack is a must have accessory for anyone serious about lounging. The Softpack connects to the Sundeck through our D-ring Interloc system using a simple strap.

- - -


A versatile soaker lounge for all.

For the purist, it's a serene, relaxing getaway and for parents, the Fiesta offers a contained perimeter for younger kids to safely splash and play. Older kids are likely to turn the Fiesta into a more active playstation. It can be used as a standalone item, or can be connected to any Aquapark using the 5 D-Ring Interloc system on 2 sides combined with our secure Vario-Lock cinch strap system. Includes 4 drink holders on the inside and a mesh floor

- - -

Ocean Pool

A portable floating pool with an 8' (2,4 m) deep mesh enclosure designed to keep out even the smallest Jellyfish and unwanted sea life.

With space to lounge on the deck and swim in peace, the Ocean Pool quickly becomes the focal point of any yacht. Add Aquaglide accessories to the outside edges of the pool using Vario-Lock cinch strap attachment system. It can be anchored on its own, or used off the back of a yacht. 

- - -


A flexible and slippery water-float or attachment.

Inspiring continuous, creative free-play, the Splashmat uses technologically advanced Hardbottom (HB) material that is incredibly durable, yet extremely low profile which allows for easy boarding and maximum splash-factor. It can be used as a standalone item, or can be connected to any Aquapark using the 5 D-Ring Interloc system on two sides combined with our secure Vario-Lock cinch strap system.

- - -


A rocket ship for the water.

Metro is the most stable banana-style towable available in the market today. Built with commercialgrade Duratex™ and heavily reinforced at all handles and tow-points, the Metro is designed to provide many years of trouble-free service. It is available in 6, 5, and 3-person versions, with the two larger sizes offering double-wide stabilizer tubes for unsurpassed stability and performance. 

- - -


Play a game of volleyball like never before.

Designed for multiple bouncers and volleyball play on the water, this piece is a floating court with a serious sporting attitude. The regulation volleyball is tethered with 4mm bungee so the pace is fast and fun and is perfect for users who are up for a friendly game of volleyball. There are also 2 convenient PVC pockets for storing all of your sporting gear. It can be used as a standalone item, or can be connected to any Aquapark using the 5 D-Ring Interloc system on 2 sides combined with our secure Vario-Lock cinch strap system.