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473 0364 360260


Via Tolotti 2/b - ESINE (BS)

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Fax: 0364 360657

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Portable floors for beaches.

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Fast-Floor - Beach walkway

Specially developed to protect or substitute pre-existing floors or to cover surfaces with grass, soil or sand.

  • Quick and easy to install thanks to the front and lateral clipping system which allows for a rapid and simple installation without the assistance of specialised personnel;
  • Suitable for installation on almost any surface (sand, soil, grass), thanks to its special cell structure;
  • Resistant to atmospheric elements, heat and salinity;
  • Able to support heavy loads such as automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural and industrial vehicles, etc.;
  • Special grooves allow water to drain off quickly;
  • Available in a wide range of colours (blue, light blue, dark green, ligh green, red, black, grey, yellow, orange).
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Grip-Deck - Beach floor

  • Soft, high quality PVC, resistant to chemical products, UV rays, insulating, comfortable and available in a wide range of colours;
  • Anti-slip surface (DIN-certified) specially designed for wet environments such as swimming pools, dressing rooms and shower facilities, as well as gazebos verandas, gyms and paddocks;
  • The safest, most hygienic and ideal solution for barefoot traffic areas thanks to its anti-bacterial and fungicidal additive action .
  • Each tile measures 333 x 333 mm. – therefore nine pieces are enough to cover 1 m2.
  • The total thickness is 14 mm. and thanks to its underlying 256 feet it remains raised above the underlying floor surface, allowing water to drain and favouring the elimination of fungi and bacteria.
  • Weight: 4.3 Kg. per m2.
  • GRIP-DECK is easy to install thanks to its special hooking system and it does not require the assistance of specialised personnel.
  • GRIP-DECK can be rolled up.
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Quiccky - Beach floor

Roll-up, portable flooring in PP.

  • Made with high quality PP with anti-UV and shock proof additive;
  • Made up by elements measuring 50 x 12,5 cm., with a thickness of 2 cm.;
  • Highly resistant and able to support heavy weights such as trucks, vehicles, etc…thanks to its special honeycomb structure underneath;
  • Supplied pre-assembled in ½ m2 sections.;
  • Quick and easy to install thanks to the special attachments on the top and sides that allow it to be installed without the assistance of specialised personnel.