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380 0421 359831


Via Argine San Marco 2 - JESOLO VE

Tel.: View

Fax: 0421 359900

Website: www.beachtri...



International brand specialized in the production of outdoor furniture.

SHINE - "a room on the beach"

Shine is an aluminum modular frame system. Shine is able to build multiple types of gazebos, pergolas and daybeds. Shine can also be used for the coverage of large surfaces with great elegance and a minimalistic design.

The BASIC FRAME is available in two main versions:

  • SHINE-S1 a module with double pipe ideal for the version "fabric cover fixed roof " or others option like filler panels for shading or decorative use or advertising.
  • SHINE-S2 is a single pipe module for a more careful aesthetic impact and indicated for pergola solutions with fabric sliding cover and sun shading.  

Daybed SHINE

DAYBED is another definition of the SHINE Sun Shade Structures potentiality. DAYBEDS are single self-supporting products designed for relax that lead into a charming atmosphere.

The same patented joint system and same basic elements allow to realize more versions of daybeds: MIAMI, IBIZA and MALIBÙ. Others specific accessories & components to build different configurations. 


Beach sunbeds

Outdoor furniture

Beach accessories

Outdoor lounges

Seats and tables

Ethnic umbrellas and gazebos

Four by Four umbrella

Dimensions: 200x200

Ombrellone ORIONE

Orione umbrella

Dimensions: d.180 - d.200 - d.220 - d.240

Ombrellone VEGA

Vega umbrella

Dimensions: d.220

Ombrellone FENICE

Fenice umbrella

Dimensions: d.220 - d.240

Lettini in alluminio


Architectures for beach resorts