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Strada Fornace, 10 15016 CASSINE AL

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Accessories for beach resorts, strong boxes for umbrellas, Job seats for disabled tourists.


cassettiera da parete Multibox

Multi Box - Drawer for walls

Multi Box is a drawer for walls made in strong plastic for outdoor use.

Available with 16 boxes or 20 boxes with six different colours and a safe alpha-numeric system.

Cassette di sicurezza per ombrellone Beach Box

Beach Box - Strong box for umbrellas

Beach Box is a strong box for beach umbrellas made in strong plastic. The special alpha-numeric system allows to not have a key.

tavolini da ombrellone Derby

Derby - Table for umbrellas

Derby is a rectangular table for beach umbrellas. Available in yellow, white or light blue.

Numeratori da ombrellone Clamp

Clamp - Numbers for umbrellas

Clamp is a clip with number. You can apply it on beach umbrellas with 38, 39 or 40 cm diameter poles.

Clamp is made in anti-UV plastic ans it is available in yellow, white or light blue.

Portachiavi a forma di sole Minisun

Minisun - Keychain for beaches

Minisun is a keychain made in plastic in the form of sun, available in four different colours (red, yellow, blue, green).

You can print numbers and logos on this keychain, to personalize them.

Pannelli appendichiavi

Panels for keys

Marisol produces different kinds of panels for hanging up the keys of your beach resort.

Numeratori per cabine SunDoor

SunDoor - Numbers for beach huts

SunDoor are numbers for beach huts, made in anti-UV plastic. Available in yellow, blue and red.

Specchi per cabine Sunny

Sunny - Mirror for beach huts

Sunny is a mirror in the form of sun, perfect for beach huts.

Specchio da parete a forma di sole

Happy Sun - Mirror for walls

Happy Sun is a mirror for outdoor use. You can hang up it on the external walls of your beach resorts.

Made in anti-UV plastic, Happy Sun is available in yellow or blue.

orologio a forma di sole

Sunny Watch

Sunny Watch is a solar solution to furnish your beach resort.

cavalletto porta-comunicazioni

Kompasso - Blackboard

Kompasso is a practical blackboard to put your communications, menus and advertising.

sedia Job

Job seat for disabled people

Job seat is made to allows disabled people to go to the seaside. Its floating wheels are suitable to go on the sand and in the sea. This is the perfect solution for the accessibility of your beach resort.