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140 0424.382821


Via Don Tescaro, 19 36060 ROMANO D'EZZELINO VI

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Fax: 0424.391939

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Outdoor and indoor furniture, umbrellas, kiosks, gazebo in ethnic style for the beach.

Ombrelloni canna africana

Cape reed umbrellas

Hedges of various sizes and shapes, made with tiles cane African natural and ecological product coming from southern and complete with clip for fixing on metal rods. Ideal material in windy areas, requires little maintenance. Different solutions are available, size, color chosen by the customer with inner sheath to give the covers more water resistant.

Coperture esotiche

St Bali

Round coverings available in various sizes, ideal for sun umbrellas when a “Hawaiian” style is desired. Square panels are also available, suitable for various roofing purposes. If the panels are stacked on a steep incline improves the flow of water in case of rain.

Ombrelloni quadrati

Square sun shaders in bamboo

Square sunshades (200 cm square approx) with metal structure and covered by bamboo canes tied with synthetic thread. Ideal to give a cool and exotic touch to the area being furnished.

Makuti naturale


Roof made of palm leaves, available in rolls or tiles, ideal for the construction of roofs and umbrellas.

Ombrellone Java

Synthetic java and palm

Synthetic palm and java tile (gray / brown), with clipsfor fixing, with the natural appearance of the leale.

Chioschi spiaggia

Chioschi spiaggia

Kiosks and chiringuitos

Kiosks/chiringuitos made of prefabricated modules of eucalyptus, bamboo and wood. You can achieve sizes adaptable to our standard covers.

Composizioni esotiche spiaggia

Ethnic compositions

Compositions made by using various kinds of products: from tables (round, square, triangular or rectangular) to showers, etc customizable with any kind of coverings.

Arredamento esotico spiaggia

Arredamento esotico spiaggia

Staccionata esotica

Furniture and accessories

Living room suites, tables, chairs and stools made of the most diverse natural materials, imported from all over the world. Accessories to embellish both inside and outside areas, from shell lampshades to Eucalyptus or Bamboo fences, right up to lamp shades in African Reed.

Suite bamboo

Bamboo suite

Corner made of bamboo to spend time pleasantly... the structure is delivered complete with benches and tables.

Gazebo bamboo

Bamboo gazebo

Gazebo bamboo easy assembly, equipped with tents. Suitable to create an angle of shade on the beach, by the pool, in a corner of the garden. Inside you can adapt different solutions: the location of beds in living room.

Gazebo spiaggia


Covers of various sizes; may be made of aluminum, wood, bamboo or other materials. Finished with curtains of waterproof and washable.

Costruzioni etniche

Ethnic constructions

From the idea to final product: we make our customer’s exotic dreams come true.